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Explaining All the Reasons Why the Movie In Darkness is So Clever

Explaining All the Reasons Why the Movie In Darkness is So Clever - or how, sometimes it'd be nice if your entertainment thought circles around you and left you in the dark. Hah! See what I did there? IMDB
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Hey there everyone! Welcome back to THiNC. – where we discuss crazy cool Independent films and movies most people have never heard of, let alone watched before. But these are movies that will make you THiNC. If you are hoping for lazy entertainment? This is not the place for you. (Might I interest you in this subreddit instead? Great!) Now that they are gone, let’s get down to it.

Today we are here to discuss a cleverly cool little movie entitled In Darkness. It sort of has a similar feel to The Invisible Person In The Room, or maybe Shimmer Lake? It’s kind of a clever dark investigatory drama with a fairly clever right hook to it at the end. Which, both of those movies have, if this movie is sort of your thing. But this movie is getting mixed reviews currently. New York Times gave it some props. But not everyone universally loved it. But do I mind bringing you movies that other people are panning? ABSOLUTELY NOT. And why would we want to listen to reviewers that to keep insisting that Hollywood bring you the same movies over and over again. No. No thank you. I want different. I want smart. And I want surprising. And that is something that In Darkness does for you today. (If that isn’t a good enough build up for a movie, I am going to retire, and just sit over there ——-> for a bit. Geesh. What more do you want people?)

And with that, you should be sold on this movie. Yes, about 3% of you will berate me for me being dense. And another 6% will belittle me for enjoying a movie that has Emily Ratajkowski in it. But whatever. Natalie Dormer kills it in this film. The story is good. And the premise is conceivable. But I’m ok with the belittlement, mainly because I’m sure that, by and large, most of you will enjoy this movie. And now, with that, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you will need to scoot. Move along. Go away. I’d like to unpack this movie and talk about it in depth now please. Great. Thanks for that.

In Darkness Movie Deep Dive and Explanation

The movie kicks off with Sofia – a blind woman that works as an accomplished movie soundtrack pianist (which makes for a fascinating score by the way. The music was created by Niall Byrne, who, I would guess, is the brother of Anthony Byrne? And Anthony is the director, and co-writer of the screenplay.). Sofia happens to “witness” a suicide. Veronique, her apartment complex leaps to her death. It’s an assumed suicide at this point. And when the police come to interview her, Sofia is less than forthcoming. Which, tips the audience immediately that something here is afoot. Not everything is as it would seem.

But then, it is discovered that the woman that died? She was the daughter of a horrible individual named Radic. Radic, it is believed, has committed unspeakable atrocities in the Bosnian war. (Which, as an aside, is the second movie I’ve discussed in as many weeks where the Bosnian war played a significant part of the back story for a movie, The Maus being the other.)

Well, the movie then flashes backwards to one of Veronique and Sofia’s interaction in their apartment complex. Sofia and Veronique discuss Veronique’s perfume. During which Veronique slips Sofia a thumb drive of Radic’s money details and business transactions. And tells her that the perfume is Liquid Gold. (Which, is learned later, is the password for the thumb drive.) But really? This thumb drive is the weakest aspect of the entire movie. It’s the definition of a McGuffin. And if you are unclear on what a McGuffin is, basically it’s just a mysterious device solely meant to drive the plot forward. That and nothing else.

Apparently though, someone wants the thumb drive back, and maybe Veronique didn’t commit suicide on the roof after all? Yeah, well, that and the cop is pretty sure Veronique didn’t commit suicide either. I mean, who gets a nose job and then commits suicide? And the deeper the cop dug, the more confused the story got. I mean, Radic was a questionable character, and who knows why his daughter could have been of interest to others or even himself. And so the investigator continued digging. Meanwhile, Marc – an investigator working on behalf of Radic – is sent to get the thumb drive back from Sofia, because it’s the only place it could be. (Which, seems like a weak assumption to me, but what do I know?) And, one thing leads to another, and Marc and Sofia are romantically engaged. (Yeah, quite possibly the laziest bit of writing of my life. But believe you me, I do not care. This trope is played out in my opinion.)

In Darkness – Sofia’s Back Story

Soon though, we begin to realize that our innocent little Sofia isn’t so innocent after all. And that happens when Sofia meets with Naill, her long time protector, and we learn there is a lot more going on in her life. And obviously this gets revealed in flashbacks and exposition over the next thirty minutes. But eventually we learn that Sofia was a Bosnian as a child, and that she lived with her parents and sister. Her family was supportive of her, and they all attempted to learn how to cope while blind so they could relate to her better.

We also learn that her mother, further back in her history, had an affair with (check that, was raped by) Radic. That ultimately conceived of Sofia. (And maybe her sister too? Were they twins? I didn’t gather that from the film, but from a later reveal, it sort of has to be true. We’ll get to that later.) So, if you aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree, it means that Sofia is actually Radic’s daughter. And it also means that Veronique is Sofia’s half sister. Or something.

Right, so, if I have this right… we have a blind woman coincidentally close to her half-sister when she dies. We also have a blind woman getting closer and closer to her estranged, horrible, atrocity committing father. And we have a man that is acting sort of like a spy in his relations with Sofia, and his protection for her. What is going on here?

Ending of the Movie In Darkness Explained

Let’s jump to the end end, and then work backwards. At the very end of the movie we learn that Naill had been watching over Sofia from the day he brought her out of her apartment after Radic’s men had come through and killed her mother, her father, and even her sister. But apparently, Sofia and her sister hid in a bureau? Is that a bureau? No, that’s a wardrobe I think. (Readers? What is that thing they hid in? Ah yes, thanks CY, an Armoire!) and the killers shot blindly into the wardrobe killing one, and not the other of the daughters randomly. And the sibling that survived happened to be the one that could see. Which brings me back to my comment that they probably had to be twins for Naill not to know the difference. But instead, for reasons that are opaque to me, the seeing daughter began to act like she was blind. Maybe as a ruse to help her to be underestimated by Radic when she eventually kills him? Or probably, a better reason, is as a coping mechanism for losing her family and her sister?

So when Radic comes to visit Sofia in her apartment unbeknownst to Radic, and more importantly, to the audience that thinks she’s totally outmatched, Sofia can see everything. And then the fight ensues. Radic attempt to strangle Sofia. Sofia smashes a vase, or some other break away glass thing, on Radic’s face. All the while, Marc is fighting with Radic’s guards, and busy getting mortally wounded. And then as Sofia has the upper hand, and is about to plunge a mirror shard into Radic’s face? Marc yells… “NO!” and shoves Radic out the window, where he is impaled on a wrought iron gate. They argue about how Sofia had him, but she would regret it… yadda.

And then she SEES that Marc is injured. Right? She uses her eyes, which have worked perfectly well the entire movie long, and she hustles over to help him. But in that moment, he realizes that she can see.

Simultaneously, the cop also learns that she can see. Why? Because of Sofia’s reaction to a “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN” poster in the post office. She had seen the poster, and then she backed away, and then the cop saw her reaction in a security video. Which, sort of begs the question. If Sofia knew long before that Marc was a notorious guy that was on the run from the police… why was she surprised at the end when movie makers edited in the montage for us, and all the places that she had seen Marc, but not understood who he was? Was it just bad editing… coupled with bad acting. Or was it something deeper? Personally, I don’t think Sofia should have shown surprise at the end. They should have cut back to the post office, and her seeing the photo on the wall, and then the flash backs of where she had seen him, so that the reveal could happen at the end. But that’s just me.

I’ll Explain, No There Is Too Much, I’ll Sum Up

So, of the two girls that went into the wardrobe, the seeing sibling came out. But acted like she couldn’t see as a response to her loss. Then she spent the next 24 years hunting Radic down, and looking for a chance to get close to the man that killed her family. In so doing, she finds out that Radic is actually her father via the raping of her mother. And when Veronique was killed, she passed off a thumb drive of Radic’s that could probably prove his guilt for war crimes (Or something McGuffin McGuffin Garbled Garbled, and what not.) So obviously, they hire Marc to infiltrate his way into Sofia’s life. They fall in love… or have sex. Whichever. And ultimately, Sofia is about to kill Radic, when Marc throws him out a window. Marc is mortally wounded, but when he realizes Sofia can actually see, he tells her to not let him see her leave. So she ties Veronique’s scarf around his eyes, in a homage back to what Sofia and her sister did when they were younger.

Sofia, slips away from the crime scene and remembers the good days with her family. Happily, Redic is dead… and she doesn’t have the guilt of his passing on her hands. She can retain her virginal purity in spite of the chaos all around her. (puke.)

I enjoyed the movie in spite of the hard time I gave some of the flat points of the film. But I found it surprisingly good for what it is. Lots of clever twists and turns if nothing else. What did you guys think of the film? Was I unkind to the film? Should I have given it more of a pass? Or was I too kind in my assessment?

Edited by, CY

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  • I just wanted to address the bit about Sofia being surprised at the end. From what I read, you meant the one where she was surprised just as she was helping Marc with his wound right? It is not a surprise from Sofia realizing who Marc was, but rather the surprise of realizing she had revealed her secret by helping Marc with his wound, which showed that Sofia could see afterall.

  • Yes, which makes sense… totally. But then the editor, then threw in the flash back of seeing Marc on the street, and in her apartment, as if she was just making all the connections back to him. I agree, that that is what makes the most sense. But. It’s not well edited in my opinion. If they wanted to help slower folks in the crowd, they needed to wait a few minutes and do it later.

  • You need to edit this and check spelling

  • Just went through it top to bottom. My apologies. Abbey? Want a job editing my posts? The pay is awful (it’s zero dollars an hour) and the disdain people will throw at you regardless of how much editing you do will still be appalling! It’s a great job!!! No I joke. I’m sorry for the sloppy writing. Hopefully it’s a little better now.

  • Maybe it was actually HIS flashback (i.e.of all the times he did’t think she could see him), not hers.

  • Helen I Agree

  • ye she was surprised because she reveled that she can see
    and Helen Is Right maybe it’s his flashback not hers

  • What I don’t get is what Marc and his sister (AG) had to do with the story, like, at all… Who are they? What is their relation to radic and Sofia? I just don’t get it. And why does AG want Veronique dead?

  • It did not compute in my estimation. Poor construction of the final scenes as they were not realistic. Now, had she been hysterically blind from shock,a psychological condition in which trauma from an injury or illness renders a patient unable to see, it would make some sense. Then another shock restores her blindness? Perhaps finding she’s ‘his’ daughter…?
    Really, you can’t make sense of the number of contradictions of her acting blind, with her demeanor, tripping ???purposely on the stairs, not reacting to the flash of a hand in her face, not reacting to a guy in her room with a gun?
    Sure she might act blind, but automatic reactions can’t be sublimated if your just acting.
    Nope, I don’t buy the premise, it does not compute.


  • Dear god, this movie is so absurd, artifitially convoluted, incoherent, based on twisty clichés, subverting expectation on an obvious and dull way, revealing fact after fact in a completely confusing way. The only good thing about it are the first 30 minutes where everything is calm and misterious. The last good thing about it is when she lies to the police. It’s truly good up to that point. The first scene in the music studio is, dare I say, excellent. Everything is BS.

    I’d question the legitimacy of everyone actually liking this. Seriously.

  • Hey Anton,
    Fair, if you don’t buy the hook, and the switch it is a bit of a reach. But why don’t you give us a different movie better worth our time? Preferably something we haven’t heard of. I’m sure you’ve got something up your sleeve…


  • But if she really could see, then why didn’t she see the poison the first time she meets Ravic ? She is like desperately trying to figure out where the heck is the bottle when it was right in front of her the whole time…

  • I agree with what Ron said in comments “a psychological condition in which trauma from an injury or illness renders a patient unable to see. Then another shock restores her blindness?” Why acting blind when she could take that bottle/poison from the floor and get over it, it’s not like she was fooling us.

  • I think the poster was in the police station, not the post office. Also, she stabbed Marc with the piece of broken mirror as she was aiming for Radic’s neck when Marc pulled Radic off her. He wasn’t wounded or shot when he barged into the apartment. What’s puzzling is that it didn’t seem like a mortal wound at all, and nothing says Marc is indeed dead when the cop walks in. Just passed out maybe? Yes, the last minute not the blind girl twist makes no sense considering all her actions in the film. 24 years charade is a long time. No hint of hysterical blindness either. No extras on the DVD to enlighten further. An enjoyable mess…

  • I was confused and looking for answers at the end of the movie, thanks for clearing everything up !

    In my opinion, from what I understood and what you wrote, Sophia either took the identity of her blind sibling to have her ennemies underestimate her, and maybe as a tribute to her sister too. I didn’t understand why she would keep playing the blind girl once alone in her home, but then realized that it was probably in case someone was watching her directly from her place (just like Marc at the beginning), so she doesn’t reveal her secret. That proves that she is very careful, suspicious and determined.
    I didn’t understand either why she had this surprised reaction in front of Marc when he’s wounded, but what Stray club said makes total sense. Maybe the editing was a bit confused indeed.

    BUT, the last thing that kept me from understanding the whole thing is: if she was playing the blind girl to get to Radic, why did she failed to poison him ? Was it to fool the viewer ? Or did she prefer to fail the poisoning rather than risk to reveal her real identity ? I’d say the second option… It would make her a very involved, determined and meticulous character.

    Anyway at the very end, it really seems like she’s about to become someone else, to take a new identity, maybe closer to her true-self. Sofia, the blind pianist, has done what she had to do, she can disappear. The character (I forgot her real name, said by the woman who tells her Niall had passed), is on her way for a new life, probably with a new name and a whole new identity.

  • I think Sofia was psychologically blind from the trauma of her family, a coping mechanism perhaps….. and she can see, but can’t at the same time. I really enjoyed the movie, but a little weak in the process of the detective figuring something out about her was thrown in… her “mystery box” so to speak, that he gets a great clue, but will obviously never figure the truth out. The movie didn’t play him up enough, maybe because the focus is to be soley it seemed to me on her. Also, i think she was shocked in the end because she realized she had stabbed the wrong person & her “psychological blindness” was ended for her during the death of her supposed true father coupled with the death of a man who possibly started to make her vunerable because she was self sufficient until he came into her life…weak again i know. Now she deals with “total” sight, wraps his eyes with the magic scarf because they maybe love each other, (weak i know again) & he’s dying, saves her yet again by telling her to leave. As she’s walking away, i think we are to experience with her, her new revelations; she i can totally see now, & to make her new start & leave the past behind, the venerable Sophia may even realize that she is not the Bad man’s daughter after all…….. she is the sister that wasn’t blind. Now she can feel unrelated once again…… as it should be to give her the innocent projection as we discovered her at the beginning.

  • The compilation of flashbacks at the end of the movie is not to connect Marc to a sudden recognition by Sofia but to show the audience how she subtly acknowledged him through sight each time she was near him, something that could not be revealed until the viewer knew that Sofia was actually sighted. I still don’t understand why she didn’t just pick up the vial though.

  • Sofia is not radic’s daughter, her little sister was. remember how he says that the blind catholic woman had a muslim husband and they had a daughter? she was born before radic knew her mother. that being said, i still don’t get why she pretended to be blind or how that helped the plot? i get how they wanted the character to be blind, and also have that twist at the end but they need to work that into the plot little better…

  • Doesn’t anyone else find it totally ridiculous that Sofia spent her entire life pretending to be blind? That’s the real McGuffin. Just so they can surprise us at the end. I like surprises when they’re well done (The Sixth Sense, Crying Game). This one wasn’t well done.

  • This was the first website I seen after I watched the movie. Great article and your
    reply about the editing was funny lolllll

  • hehehehe.

  • I came here looking for an explanation for this movie and I thank you. I love movies that have the twists and hidden surprises and I normally am pretty quick on understanding them, but this one left me with … “whaaah??”

  • sure. you are more than welcome.

  • If Sofia is not blind then she was not Redic’s daughter right?
    Cus Redic said that he raped Sofia’s mother then she gave birth to a daughter and the daughter was blind, but the one that blind is dead, so Sofia was not Redic’s daughter.

  • No, she wasn’t his daughter. But her sister was. But, she didn’t know that until Radic told her. And her pretending to be blind relates to the fact that their father wanted the daughters to be equal, so he covered Sofia’s eyes everytime they were together, playing the piano etc. in the past. So she learned to be “blind”. That is why after her whole family died that was probably her coping method to keep going as a blind person and then somehow going after Radic, which she had been doing for years. She just wanted to avenge her family.

  • Sophia wasn’t blind but she just got used to acting blind because of the way she was raised and if she wasn’t blind then she wasn’t Radic’s daughter Her reaction at the end was probably due to the fact that she just gave away her cover of blindness in Marc’s presence and as for her tripping on the stairs I can’t say if that was intentional to avoid giving up her cover. She started acting blind because of Veronique to get close to Radic to kill him. Besides there was no indication that Niall didn’t know she could see. As for the poison scene remember both Radic and Ag were behind her if she had dropped to the ground to pick it up like a normal person with sight would there would have been suspicions but if you noticed she kept the bottle under her foot well which wouldn’t have been possible if she was actually blind.

  • I was just going to post my thoughts but Stephanie summed it up. She was pretending to be blind to get close to Radic. If you recall in the film, it was made known that he “loved blind women”. That is how she got invited to his private room at the benefit dinner. He was interested in her because he thought she was blind. She was supposed to poison him once she got close to him. I’m really good at figureing out plots very early in movies, as I did with this one so twists that I didn’t see coming excite me. Once I saw her take the poison from behind the mirror, I knew it was revenge from a crime against her family. What did catch me by surprise is that she could see all along.

  • “But then the editor, then threw in the flash back of seeing Marc on the street, and in her apartment, as if she was just making all the connections back to him.”
    – In my opinion, she was surprised because she revealed herself to be not blind with Marc, not because she realized who he was, thus the flash black was to shown that she was not blind from the beginning with close-up shots to the movements of her pupils.

  • After reading all the comments here, I re-watched the ending with the flashbacks and it makes way more sense the second time. In the flashbacks you can tell they (the filmmakers) are trying to show that she could see Marc all the time because her eyes would move toward him (which I guess we didn’t notice in the original scenes). And her surprise reaction to Marc when he is wounded is definitely because she realizes she blew her blind cover, you can tell by her “oh shit” pause, and then she makes eye contact with him before scrambling away, and he looks confused, realizing she can see. But I do agree she should have been able to grab the vial haha. When she slipped on the scarf however, I do stuff like that all the time and I can see, so I still buy her being able to see.
    And although she shouldn’t care that Marc knows she can see, because Radic is finally dead… she is probably just shocked she finally ended her 24 year charade.

  • After reading all the comments here, I re-watched the ending with the flashbacks and it makes way more sense the second time. In the flashbacks you can tell they (the filmmakers) are trying to show that she could see Marc all the time because her eyes would move toward him (which I guess we didn’t notice in the original scenes). And her surprise reaction to Marc when he is wounded is definitely because she realizes she blew her blind cover, you can tell by her “oh shit” pause, and then she makes eye contact with him before scrambling away, and he looks confused, realizing she can see. But I do agree she should have been able to grab the vial haha. When she slipped on the scarf however, I do stuff like that all the time and I can see lol, so I still buy her being able to see there.
    But is there any explanation to her back tattoos?

  • What did Marc’s sister have to do with the movie??

  • What did Marc’s sister have to do with the story?

  • Did anyone catch the part about the Detective who was supposedly divorced but wore a wedding ring and then mentioned that his wife was on a business trip or something when he was looking after his daughter? I liked the movie but the ending was a bit lame.

  • What did Marc’s sister had do with Radic? She was already so close to him so why not kill him before or reveal his secrets etc.. she just waited to get herself killed instead ..silly of her!

  • First of all, I am a big fan of these underrated movies and this was no exception, i totally loved it

    Regarding the surprise at the end and the flashbacks, Stray Cub is on point on the flashbacks. The flashbacks however were for us the viewers to see all the places where we could have noticed she could actually see, i also think it was partly Marc also piecing together a few things like that glance she gave him in one of the flashbacks while she was walking past him

  • I saw a movie ‘ the discovery’
    Very interesting and intriguing. I would love to have an explanation about its ending.. please Taylor!

  • I have a theory which I think might tie all of these theories together, but if it’s true then it’s not implied at all in the movie, and so for that reason I doubt it. But it would make a lot of sense: I think Sofia is the daughter who wasn’t blind, and that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder, and that part of her brain can see (the original identity) and part of her can’t (the split personality which she developed as a response to her trauma, taking on the traits of her blind sister). With DID, the disorder can literally change a person, for example there are real cases of people with one personality who is blind and another where they’re not blind, or where one personality has an allergic reaction to certain foods and the other personality doesn’t. Another key point to DID is that some people are completely unaware of their split personality, they can live entire parallel lives without knowing what’s going on. Sometimes you can be co-conscious with one or more personalities too, so even if “Sofia” is playing the role of her blind sister and is psychologically blind, her “real” self could become co-conscious and take care of her in moments of need, so that she can see momentarily, or even revert fully to her original personality, all without her knowing or WITH her knowing, we as the audience might not be able to tell.

    The only thing is, it makes no sense because if the director, writers and actors did that much research into DID, they would have needed to leave clues and information about the disorder for the audience members to pick up on, and they would have needed to educate people about all these details since most people don’t just know a bunch about DID, in order for that to make sense. But it would make a lot of sense of some of the scenes, such as the poison scene (Sofia’s alter which could see wasn’t becoming co-conscious while she was trying to poison Radic, maybe because she didn’t consider the situation to be life-endangering enough to come online and help?). It would be what I would consider to be a genuinely great plot twist, and I wish they’d actually meant it and gone with it instead of what they did do, which felt lazy and/or confusing (maybe a budgeting or timing issue came up? The ending was really odd and not as good as the beginning).

  • I totally get the blind/not blind girl twist plot/theory.
    But I just wonder why Sofia sold Marc and his sister out to Radic (she gave him the usb in the car) if she was out to get revenge on him in the first place?

  • When she sees the wanted poster she realizes that if she goes to the police Marc will probably be arrested since the police are obviously on to him as part of what is going on. That is why she turns around and leaves and then refuses to talk to the detective when he comes to her.

    The poster changes her mind on how she is going to handle the situation.

  • I think Sofia pretended to be blind the entire time. She had mentioned that her parents had always had the non-blind sister learn things blindly to sympathize with her sister. I think she did it to ultimately get close to Radic again, she played a loooooong con. They kept stressing in the movie that Radic had a fascination with blind women. I think she thought that would eventually let her get close to him again, and also helped her to seem vulnerable.

    I do not think the sisters were twins. Radic even mentioned (when he revealed that he raped the mother) that the blind woman already had a daughter and that the rape conceived another. I think they were just close in age and looked alike.

    I also think that the surprise she showed at the end was the fact that she had revealed her secret to Marc and the flashbacks were actually for him. But, I agree that was bad editing and definitely confusing.

  • Everyone, watch The Rider. Excellent film, acting and no twisty hard to believe stuff.

  • Thanks so much for this explanation. Im a bit dense or maybe too distracted while watching the movie today. However, I was lost when it ended.

  • I think the scene of Sofia and Marc hooking up was very ill placed. There’s no background leading up to it. Minimal interaction and time spent together that would call for it. Unless they are like “Yeah we just had him pull her out of a van! Let’s add to the script that they will hook up! Woo!” And I also agree with previous comments on why AG and Marc are even there. And I feel like they did a good job on placing the scene where the cop figured out she could see but a poor job on placing the scene where MARC realizes it. I mean dang even extending the scene having Marc figure it out then the cop and then extending the scene and adding Radic figuring it out before they fight would have made it better. But all around it was a good movie…just too many blanks.

  • Sophia has given a lot of thought to her revenge. She mentioned that she lived in the apartment just for 6mos. So, she can befriend Veronique. Whom she knew all along was the daughter of Radic.
    She had the perfect plan of “prentending to be blind” so she can play in Radic’s event. And knew that if she is blind, Radic will privately talk to her. (She can then kill him there)
    Unfortunately her plans changed when Veronique died. She still wants to kill Radic using the poison but the poison fell off her skirt. If she gets the poison and someone noticed her she will blow her cover.

    As for Marc and Sophia’s reaction, yes I believe that it was a flashback to let us viewers understand that those unrecognized moments when Marc was following her she already “saw” him.
    She is also the older sister, and the not the daughter of Radic.

  • Good job explaining some doubts I had. That realization of Marc at the end bothers me more than it should. Thanks for deciphering it, your first name should be Sherlock.

  • actually Sofia is not the daughter of Radic, as he said in the scene the car, that his daughter became blind like her mother, but in the final scene of the movie we find out that Sophia can see which means she’s the sister of his daughter.

  • actually Sofia is not the daughter of Radic, as he said in the scene the car, that his daughter became blind like her mother, but in the final scene of the movie we find out that Sophia can see which means she’s the sister of his daughter.
    I like the movie in total do it has some weed points and it lacks some action.

  • It would be cool if there was something tying all the plot holes together though… there really isn’t. She didn’t have to be completely disabled when in private to pretend to be blind. For instance, when she drops the vial of poison and no one is looking, she can’t see it. What’s that all about? I liked the movie, but that crap doesn’t make any sense.

  • Here’s one thing I couldn’t figure out- why did Veronique laugh before throwing herself out the window? If she was looking at Marc, the father of her unborn child, that would be a very strange response before committing suicide.

    Unless she wasn’t looking at Marc? I’m still confused over how he could have been blocked from the elevator but gotten to her apartment so fast. And when he talked about seeing Veronique cry near the open balcony I couldn’t figure out if it was from the conversation where she asked him to run away with her or if it was the last thing he saw before she jumped.

  • I agree…what did Marc and Ag have to do with her…other than she lives in the building…and may have seen Marc at the elevator..but let’s face it .a perfect cast and beautifully filmed..a few jaggy places in the plot…but i was willing to suspend disbelief ..if u want to engage…and i did!

  • I thought the movie was decent but the plot was better executed in the movie House of a Thousand Daggers. And you cant beat the cinematography!

  • In the final flashbacks, her mother appeared to be sighted, too. So why was her mother pretending to be blind? Just to feel connected to her daughter?

  • Was that an under cover movie recommendation? Because, uh, I’ve never heard of that movie before. Cough. Sorry. Interesting.

  • If Sofia was only pretending to be blind (as opposed to traumatically blind) she only had to pretend for the six months that she lived in that apartment, not for her entire life after the loss of her family.

  • Taylor! I love you for creating this. Just watched the movie and could not wrap my brain around what actually happened. I was only coming to the conclusion I need to re watch the whole film (which I personally enjoyed) but that I missed something, lol. This is what led me to solely depend on someone who might have explained the story in depth (a.k.a the end) and you did! All other commen s were great also and now I am at peace, lol. I would agree the flashbacks were Marc’s, wish he hadn’t died but tragic hero ending :( I would also say she could see the whole time…escaping the wardrobe she clearing was observing her surroundings and relived the blindfold act in her youth by placing it over his eyes. THANK YOU

  • GATSBY! I LOVE YOU FOR SAYING THIS… cough. Was that a little loud?

  • What has me very confused by the theory that she could see throughout the entirety, is the scene where she attempts to poison Radic and struggles to pick up the vile when it is dropped. If she had picked it up then she would have killed him then and there with the motive and obviously the intention as well. Though she couldn’t find it and had to crush it.

  • Wait.. They cant be twins! Radic has mentioned about her family and that they had a daughter. Then he raped her mother and then she conceived another baby. So they are not twins isnt it?

  • I picked it when she had the light on in the apartment bathroom, she is blind no need for the light! and of course the comment on the shoes in the public bathroom.. made you think maybe…. just a bit silly to not use her sight when she dropped the poison..

  • I thought at the end when Radic strangled her almost to death, that “cured” her blindness (a totally unrealistic thing I know but yeah). In the car Radic said that when he strangled her mother, when she finally died he knew that she could see who he was. So the same phenomenon happened to Sofia at the end and she could see. So her surprise at the end was that she could all of the sudden see things. It’s just tooootally implausible for her to act blind the entire movie. What do yall think?
    Also I don’t understand how everyone here knows that the sister who survived the shooting was the non-blind one. I just figured the one coming out of the wardrobe was the blind sister. What tells the audience any different?

  • Just seen this film. I thought she was pretending to be blind because Radic had a thing for blind women. Didn’t Joely Richardson say it to him at the party when he was alone with Sofia when he should’ve been mingling? Also, she had told Naill that she was going to spend her life avenging her family’s murders.
    Her surprise at the end (I thought) was because she realised she had shown Marc she could see

  • This is for heather,the reason we know the sister that comes out isn’t the blind is in the flashback at the end.the flashback shows the little girl clearly poking around when she comes out.i also don’t think she was acting blind for 24 years.at no point does it imply that Naal truly thinks she is blind,quite the opposite.I think the way he trust her to get out of the hospital quick on her own shows he knows she can see.

  • Thank you for this! I liked the film but was confused. What I don’t understand is how Radic is so confident that the rape resulted in this daughter. Not like she wasn’t married and presumably having sex with her husband.

  • I still don’t get the purpose of AG and the silver? Anyone?

  • If Sophia was really blind, she would rely heavily on her hearing. Yet she spent a lot of time listening to music with earbuds in her ears, like on the subway. Would a blind person really do that?

  • I liked and agree with Shelly’s comments and Taylor’s assessment that possibly Sophia’s blindness was a coping mechanism resulting from the horrific tragedy that befell her family. What I (and a few other commenters) don’t understand is what Marc’s sister had to do in this film, why did Sophia rat her out to Radic, and what did “the silver” as in gold and silver mean pertaining to Marc’s sister?

  • Was I the only one that noticed she had her lamps on while in her apartment, alone? What possible need does a blind single person have for lit lamps? She was clearly faking the blindness. A long-con, much like the commitment of Christian Bale’s character(s) in the Prestige.

  • When she drops the vial of poison, if she looks down to find it then they would’ve seen her and maybe cameras would’ve seen her too and showed she wasn’t really blind

  • I enjoyed the movie, but coupd have done without the twist at the end. Happens too often in blind people movies. Movie was great without it. The ending just made it convoluted with some really unexplainable parts. Like when she was escaping the hospital why did she act blind? I would have been fine with a psychological problem where her sight miraculously comes back after Radic dies. The ending just doesnt fit.

  • Marc was not with veronique when she died, it was his sister. Marc had a soft heart and got too close to his target before he could get the jump drive. His sister had to clean up his mess. Veronique laughed as she jumped because she was talking to his sister and was basically saying “now you will be never get the jump drive”. This is why AG tells Marc “remember it was your hands that killed her” (or something like that). AG also states to Sophia that her brother is good in bed while meeting in the art museum. Marc is attractive and his sister uses him to seduce women. Marc never shows one bit of darkness. He was also wearing his hood when Sophia saw him in the elevator, just like when he saved her. Hood on ewusls rescuing someone. He let his sister die because she killed his baby. …..also right before veronique dies you hear her call someone a whore, watch it with subtitles. The other voice just says ” indistique chattering” in subtitles. It would be strange for her to call a man a whore. …..
    Also, AG and her brother are just hired guns. They are working for the Russians or some other country or group who want to destroy Ragic or whatever his name is.

    PS. I watched it in subtitles because English is not my wife’s first language and she likes to read English as she hears it.

  • Radic appears to be modeled after Zelyko Raznatovic, leader of a paramilitary group that participated in the Bijeljina massacre of 1992 in which an ethnic cleansing of Muslim families took place. (The family photo Sophia carries has the notation “89 Bijeljina” inscribed at the bottom.) This fits with Radic’s clear disgust for the ‘filthy whore’ who married a Muslim man, and whom he raped, and later returned to rape again and murder. In Radic’s story, he tells Sofia that she (actually her sister) was his daughter via his rape of her mother.

    Regarding ‘Sophia’s’ blindness, I’m going to go with a case of hysterical blindness – at some point after the slaughter of her family, she literally took on her sister’s identity unconsciously, including her blindness. Of course, since she wasn’t actually blind, her subconscious had only tricked her mind into thinking she was blind; the flashbacks at the end show glimpses of her subconscious actually seeing Marc, right down to that momentary glimpse of him from the elevator at the beginning, when she rode up with Veronique. I think she started recovering her ability to integrate her sight with her conscious mind about halfway through the movie, as a result of coming to terms with what was happening.

    No one has mentioned the obvious device of the metronome, which appears to trigger some sort of self-hypnosis that allows Sophia to access memories of who she actually is.

    It’s a convoluted story, and I think the movie would have been vastly improved if the editing had been just a tad less intentionally murky.

  • I think she only played the blind sister the six months she lived there planning the murder of Radic. She only looked blind talking to her caregiver on the park bench because they were being inconspicuous. I just don’t understand the end when she jumped back like she just recognized him. Then the flashbacks. Whaaatt? She already slept with him. I think she was good at playing blind because her mom blindfolded her, remember? She said her mim would do that to make things fair.

  • Yeah, that scene only makes sense if you realize that she wasn’t shocked at who he was, she was shocked at realizing that she actually COULD see all along (hence the series of flashback videos that show her reacting visually to Marc – go back and watch them again if you can, you’ll see in each one, she reacts slightly to the sight of him). Her blindness was actually a mental issue, not a physical one.

    It’s a tough ploy to pull off in a movie, because if you make the reaction too obvious, everyone guesses the twist early on, but if you make the disclosure too subtle, many in your audience just don’t catch it and then the whole movie makes no sense. Heck, I didn’t catch it, I only got it after reading through these comments where someone else pointed it out.

  • Sofia was not in shock. Go back and watch. She realized Marc knew she could see when she saw he was bleeding and brought him a towel. You see him figure it out right then and then meet her eyes so she knows he knows. She backs away realizing the truth is out and then Marc thinks on all the times she actually did see him. They show her looking at him slightly each time out of the corner of her eye in the flash backs. This wasnt mental….it was a ruse to get close to her sis and parents murderer.

  • I have just seen this movie (a bit late, I know). I still have questions about Alex and Marc. It is my understanding that Alex was working with Veronique to take down Radic, but she was also working for Radic as some kind of fixer. Marc did not actually work for Radic. I think he said he worked for his sister but also seemed to have a job at the morgue as he was seen in scrubs going through Veronique’s bag, looking for the USB stick. Alex and Veronique had code names. Alex was Silver as her initials were AG (Ag = chemical symbol for Silver) and Veronique was Gold. Now, what happened between them and why did Alex send her brother to kill Veronique?I understand that he never had an intention of killing her but rather wanted to help her get away. Veronique was initially scared when she saw him but then asked him to run away with her. It seems she was mentally unstable (not surprising when you find out your Dad is a mass murderer) and when Marc refuses,, his rejection, and the fact she was carrying his child, made her jump from the balcony.

    Obviously Alex knew about the baby but still sent Marc to kill Veronique. When Marc finds out that is pretty much the end of his relationship with his sister until Sofia says she wants him to introduce them. Sofia hands back the drive in return for alone time with Radic, a second chance for her to kill him. Why does Alex want the drive so badly? Is it insurance against Radic coming after her and once she has it, why does she flee when she knows Radic knows she is ‘Silver’? This part of the film is the most confusing part for me and really could have been left out altogether as it is not important to main plot of Sofia trying to get close to Radic to avenge her family.

    OK, on the blindness issue, my feelings are that Sofia can see all the time. However, she knows that Radic has ‘a thing’ for blind women and pretending to be blind is a means to get close to him and also to try to catch him unawares if she needs to blindside him (forgive the pun). When she drops the poison vial. she is looking straight ahead and can’t risk looking down as Radic is only a few feet away, talking to Alex. So, she has to feel for it with her hand and then her foot. When she fails to retrieve it she smashes it under her foot and ‘fakes’ accidentally smashing the champagne glass to cover her tracks. It’s just like dropping something that’s rolled under a cabinet. You have to feel for it with your hand or foot because you can’t see it. As a child she spent a lot of time blind folded by her mother so she and her sister would be on an equal footing. It is not surprising that she can ‘pretend’ so convincingly and keeps up the pretence at all times, even when she is alone to ensure she is never caught out. The only time she lets her guard down is once when she sees Marc’s fuzzy poster and leaves the Police Station and the second time is when she notices Marc has been stabbed and has lost alot of blood. Her feelings for him are genuine I think, as are his for her.

    I don’t think she is Radic’s daughter but he thinks she is as he know the blind daughter was his, the result of the rape in the forest.

  • Yes, because you can’t play your music on the subway without earbuds. It would annoy the other passengers.

  • …..just want to add…….
    absolutely nothing! y’all covered it all!
    just finished re-watching the movie as I’d forgotten everything, apparently, from months ago when I first started it…….NOT a movie to watch while you’re trying to exercise(!)…which is how I stumbled GRATEFULLY upon Taylor’s words of wisdom AND you brilliant commenters!
    …..can’t wait for the next go-round!

  • Would have loved to have noticed it in sunlight.

  • Would have to have played the blind part for much longer than 6months.
    She was well established in her career of being a blind pianist.
    Deep undercover…. would explain why tripping on scarf etc, you would be so much in the role that those … accidents etc seem natural.

    The Gold and Silver aspect of the movie , could have been done in more detail… time constraints ? Veronique had Bi-Polar Disorder… and she wasn’t especially proud of her Father
    explaining very briefly why she was helping AG . Maybe she decided to no longer help AG because she was pregnant, and that is why AG sent Marc to kill her.
    Sad tho that Veronique would feel that suicide was a solution to anything.

    Sophia was always so interested in Veronique and what was happening upstairs.

  • Those that have commented on Marc and Sophia hooking up.
    This was starring Natalie Dormer, of course there had to some nudity or love scene included.

  • AG was there to get close to Radic. She was working with his daughter until Radic wanted his daughter killed. Remember, Silver & Gold? Silver is AG, Gold was Veronique. I missed the part about the poison but as others said, I think Radic never left that room then AG came in there too.

    Thanks to all for clarifying the end especially those confusing flashback scenes. Makes more sense to me now.

    I loved this movie and I actually realized she could see sooner before they revealed it to the side audience. I realized it I think during the fight scene with Radic I believe. I could tell she was looking right at him. Remember when Radic said, “most ppl can see but don’t really see him but she CAN’T see while seeing him CLEARLY at the same time”? He said this when she was in the car with him.

    And Veronique laughed before jumping off the balcony because she has bipolar disorder which to my knowledge drastically alters an individual’s mood from happy to sad at a moments notice. Maybe she wanted Marc to know that she wouldn’t give him the pleasure of killing her bc Marc later said in the movie that Veronique would NOT listen to him when he tried to explain that he was there to SAVE her, not kill her. He obviously had fell in love with her for her to be 3 months pregnant with his child. They must have at least been talking for 3 months which is enough time to fall in love. Or to at least think you have fallen in love.

  • I believe she was psychologically blind. After the trauma of seeing her family die she actually became her blind sister and she herself died within. This blindness engulfed the very core of her life. I think her blindness is a symbolism of her desire for revenge and that’s what kept her from seeing life to the fullest. I’m glad the detective was not around a lot poking for information. The audience needed to know from Sophia aka Eleanor her story.the scene in the police station did not make sense because it took away the credibility of her blindness. And in the last scene I want to believe that Marc gave her her sight by protecting her from killing Radic which would have been a circle to her blindness for revenge and murder. Yes it makes sense that the flashbacks were actually his and not hers. Over all I liked the movie and the twist.

  • Just finished watching. Loved it. Now I’ll read your review to see if there’s a SECOND plot twist I think I saw…

  • Could someone explain the importance of the character played by Joely Richardson. What was her goal, why did she want Sophia dead, what was the significance of gold and silver and her name?

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