New Movie Captive State Just Won.

It’s rare I bring you trailers. I’d much rather dive deep deep on movies that have already delivered the goods, one way or another. But man, this Captive State… 

it hurts I want to see it so badly. 

We’ve got Vera Farmiga and John Goodman rolling up in the house as Vichy France type collaborators with the aliens. We also have Ashton Sanders of Moonlight goodness, looking like he is just lighting this film up like nobody’s business as a Red Dawn member against the aliens. This film looks cut from the cloth of The Signal… oh, and definitely some District 9 in there too. Oppressive alien overlords and the subversive resistance. 

(And yes, I realize that you are itching to compare this movie to Independence Day, but don’t. That isn’t this. Ok. You can see from the trailer alone, this is something utterly different. We’d do better to compare it this movie to Handmaid’s Tale than ID. Just saying.)

So, and I am not being funny here… this is my serious face, see grrrrr…. if you happen to work with Focus Features, or hold sway over someone who does? I’d be much obliged if you could help me out on this front. Get me a screener. Invite me to the studio offices. Lunch with John Goodman. You know, I’m really quite low maintenance. I’ll even do a post about their movie for free. I know, RIGHT? 

Right – Captive State happens to be invading the earth March 29th, 2019. And if you’d like to join me in the theaters opening night, I’d be happy for the company. Until then… keep