Short Film XYZ From Fire and Dust Discussion

There was a short time there where I did some writing on the sly to help out a site called Film Shortage (which was a site that only discussed short films. I know, clever, right?) Anyway, I got so deeply embedded in the short film world that I was getting invites to Cannes Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival in order to participate in the premiers of some of these awesome films. Personally, I think short films are movie meth. It’s got all the emotion, and all the intensity, but in concentrate form. They have to come out of the shoot with both barrels blazing or they are done. Which, I absolutely adore about the format.

Not to mention the fact that 99% of all short film makers are dying for a break to make their short films in long format, and scrap and cut for every ounce of coverage they can possibly get – which means they were always willing to chat about their films. Don’t believe me? And so I spent a large portion of my writing time discussing short films. But eventually that emphasis gave way to what we have here today. (Which, to be honest, I’m not 100% certain of. I think we discuss crazy mindjob movies mainly? Movies that Hollywood generally ignores. I think?) But that doesn’t mean short films aren’t my kryptonite. And so today, I bring you a crazy cool little movie in a future when robots are printed like documents, and they run in hives of shared consciousness.

Sure, it’s a little punchy. And sure, the acting is a little weak. But, as far as a concept sketch goes, this thing is gorgeous. Adore the idea of the hives that are out for revenge. Love to hear what you guys think of it.

Edited by, CY