Are You Guys Watching Kingdom on Netflix?

Literally – that is the only thing I wanted to say to you all – “Are you guys watching Kingdom on Netflix?” Thanks for coming. OK, since you’re here, maybe I ought to explain the premise?

Basically, Kingdom is a Korean Netflix show released on January 25th, directed by Kim Seong-hun. And it’s adapted from a web comic series called The Kingdom of the Gods. The premise is intriguing. Basically, set in Korea’s medieval period, it tells about the King’s son, who is dodging political mayhem due to the fact that the King is either ill, missing, dead, or undead? That last bit is where the show got my attention. Apparently, the show is a zombie movie set in and amongst the palace intrigue of this gorgeous backdrop of Korea’s history. So apparently the Prince needs to stop the spread of the “illness.” Filled with coup attempts and arcane palatial intrigue, and inbred with the idea of zombies, and you basically get the idea of what Kingdom is.

But here’s the glitch. I don’t enjoy serials, generally speaking. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. But, generally, it feels like most shows take so long to pay off that it isn’t worth it. I have to say though, I’m almost done with season 2 now of Counterpart – did you guys watch that? Really cool show. Or maybe the show Dark is more your thing? Or maybe Peaky Blinders? Or Taboo? Totally dug those shows hardcore. But really, I digress. Because my main point for hassling with this write up, is to just to find out if you guys have watched Kingdom or not? Ep1 didn’t hold my attention long enough to find out whether or not I’d like it. It was filled with starving peasants, a scrum for the throne, and other intrigues. But ZOMBIES! Gah! Show me the zombies!

Edited by, CY