Time Trap Movie Timelines Explained and Discussed
Time Trap Movie Timelines Explained and Discussed - or how this movie might be worth ago just for the mechanics of its 'time travel'... or not. Up to you entirely. IMDB
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That is the biggest cop out title I’ve ever written. And you want to know why? Because I just don’t know if I liked this movie or not. I love small budget movies that know they are small budget movies. What I decidedly do NOT like, are small budget films that don’t know that they are small budget films. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those little films that found 50k in funding, and the screenplay has lines like this one in it:



A spaceship that spans the horizon is slowly descending out of the blue sky as it comes to subjugate the population of earth.

That’s a lot of extra to actually make happen some how. Models. Wire removal. Heck, the CG work won’t even buy you the catering necessary with 50k. So why are you even trying? And Time Trap is a movie that sort of falls into this category, and yet, totally pulls it off. Surprisingly. I think I spent the entire movie willing it not to flop just because of its aspirational loftiness.

If you are still undecided on whether to watch this movie, it might be best to consider it an updated homage to the original 1960 Time Machine movie. If that sounds like a good time, check it out. I for one still am not 100% certain what I think of it. But let’s talk it through and I’ll decide as we go!

Quick Time Trap Walkthrough

Up front… I have to admit that I might not have paid very close attention to this particular movie as I watched. Normally I have a notepad out, and take copious notes. This time, I might just have assumed there was no way I was going to talk about it here as I watched. But the ending stuck the landing in such a way that I’m here talking to you about a movie that I’m not completely sure of all the details. So, for once, I am giving you guys – the whole of the internet – a chance to take a deep breath. To let some stuff go. Ok? And you, the interweb denizens, will be better for it afterwards.

With that said, Hopper (Andrew Wilson), a professorish sort of fellow, goes hunting for his missing family in the nearby mountains. But Hopper discovers a cave with an immobile cowboy further back in the cave. And as Hopper heads further in he goes missing himself. Soon after, a few of his students (I think?) pull together to go looking for him. And when they find some interesting caves to spelunk, tragedy strikes when Furby (Max Wright), a young member of their troop, dies. But after they begin watching the GoPro footage on his body, they start to realize that something weird is happening. Because in Furby’s video, they watch as a number of days slide by, but they had only been in the cave for a couple hours at most.

With the troop trapped, and unable to get out, things start to take stranger and stranger turns. They begin to realize that the natural light, coming in from the cave openings is pulsing, and they slowing come to the realization that it is the sun progressing through the sky that is causing the light to pulse. Which, would mean, that time in the cave has stopped corresponding with time outside the cave. And if the speed of the pulsing is any indication, days are going by in about two seconds inside the cave. Or something.

But they aren’t alone in the cave, someone else is in here. And that someone is actually what killed Furby. Eventually it becomes clear there are cavemen that are also trapped in the caves, along with a cowboy. (Can you say painfully iconic characters through history?) But eventually, one of the group makes it up to the top of the tunnel and the planet’s atmosphere is trashed, the world is a dirt apocalypse, and roiled with storms. And there, high in the sky is some sort of cosmic spaceship. And soon after, they realize the pulsing of sky isn’t the cycle of a day, but the cycle of the seasons.

And as the movie powers towards its conclusion, Taylor (played by Reiley McClendon) discovers Hopper further in the cave. And just a little bit further in, they see a cosmic scrum of different characters set in a frozen fight. What is going on here? Eventually, (jumping past tons of running and screaming through the cave passage ways) seven space men intercede and extract them out of the cave. And they wake, circling the earth, on the spaceship, ready to start on this new modern life.

Time Trap Mechanics Walkthrough

So the conceit here is simple… but beguiling unless it clicks. We are going to think about it like a manual transmission. Earth, the planet surface, is humming along in 5th gear, at 55 miles an hour. (Here in Colorado we roll at 75 mph, but we can discuss intrastate highway standards another day.) When they crossed the water/wavey boundary, they downshifted into fourth gear, and slowed to 45 mph. Time on the surface continued plowing along at 55, but down a layer things slowed. And when Hopper and Taylor noticed another layer below theirs, they witnessed that this layer was running in 3rd gear, and was running at 35 mph. The clutch of the water barrier keeps the different time-speed envelopes from shredding everything in its path. My analogy fell apart there in the end. But ultimately, we know that the top earth layer was at a second is a second. And the middle layer was running at a season per second (year per four seconds?) And the layer below the middle layer, probably was a similar down shift from the previous. Which, may or may not have helped to explain matters much, now that I think about it.

Time Trap Movie Final Thoughts

Was this a great movie? No. No, it wasn’t great. The acting was a little less than mediocre. The sets were beyond cheesy (I kept thinking that sleestaks would arrive any second). The dialog was creaky and utterly devoid of thought. And yet, I was totally intrigued by the mechanics of the time and these liquid clutches that allowed for these magnetic time slippages.

But these characters, when they realize that time is flying by at the surface, and that everything they know is dead and gone, it doesn’t even register on the surface of the minds. The screenplay doesn’t even consider how orphaned these characters should feel. Not even a little bit. Heck, they don’t even more for the eco-bankruptcy of the entire planet. Or the moratorium the entirety of humanity experiences. Like rats locked in a cage, the character’s only thoughts are for escape. But escape to WHAT? There’s nothing anymore. All hope is gone!

Better yet, let’s stop and think about this movie seriously for a second. You are a cowboy, or cowgirl, I’m not being sexist here, and you stumble into this cave with this fountain of youth. There is water there to heal yourself every time you mortally wound yourself. But unless you plan to dine on your holy water, you are going to be dying regularly. Soon after your arrival, your provisions would run out, and there would be little hope for you besides mainlining the holy water in perpetuity. You would be dying constantly withering constantly.

It had a few fascinating ideas going on in it. But I’m definitely not going to be putting this movie in my THiNC. recommendations list. That is for sure. I don’t know, am I being to hard on it?

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77 Responses

  1. deKev

    Agreed with the criticism, it’s like the characters are only added onto a great concept as an afterthought, which probably explains why they bring kids along on a search and rescue operation, and then leave one such kid all alone unsupervised in the wilderness, amongst other lame plot elements.

    Still, credit’s given where credit’s due, the differential time bubble rule is observed pretty strictly throughout the entire runtime, which is far more important to me in a low budget sci-fi than believable characters or logical plot developments. This is best illustrated near the end when the various characters are rescued by the “martians”: the big sis gets pulled out first, followed by the rest of her gang who are falling off the retracted ladder. With a looser plot, there may have been too much time elapsed between the first and second rescues to break the time bubble rules. However, here it’s handled perfectly because during the second rescue, big sis can be seen wearing a futuristic garb, meaning enough time must have elapsed for her, while her companions are still in the midst of falling off the ladder, meaning it’s no more than a second or two from the first rescue from their perspective, now how cool is that?

    • Taylor Holmes

      The flaw there though is that, yes, she had time to change, but she also had time to get married and settle down in the 30 seconds she was gone… why? Because that’s YEARS worth of time on the surface! hahaha.

  2. Henry

    The nearly two stars for the “acting” is kind of generous. I totally agree with the horribly flawed-but-watchable for the THiNC-ing audience review.

  3. Lisa

    I watched this movie a few months ago and found it entertaining enough but surely not in the category of something I would ever watch again and the acting was pretty bad. I loved the concept, though, and just wish it had been executed better! Plus leaving poor terrified Furby behind was just rude. Not to mention them all not even seeming to care that the life and people they knew were long gone which wasn’t very realistic at all!

  4. Cee

    I don’t think the time rules were broken at the end. Not only is she wearing futuristic garb, but remember, she enters a water “bubble” and says that once they get up there, they’ll have all the time they’ll need. There is literally no need for water to be there unless it represents that the “Martians” have obviously figured out a way to control or manipulate the time differentials with the water, which was the source of all of the “fountain of youth” aspects of the film. They were able to revive characters from death, who were “reborn” also in a pool of water. My takeaway is that the water, however it was actually done, was placed there as a clear indication that they could slow or speed up time via its use, allowing not years to pass during the rescue.

  5. Superhornet

    2010 a space odyssey somewhat helped explain 2001 a space odyssey. This move needs a sequel to explain the first movie’s screw-ups and lazy script writing.

  6. Cris

    I think this movie is actually very interesting in its core concept and plot. It obviously would have been much better with better actors and a bigger budget. The one underlying question for me is the “water”. Does the “water” hold the key to the different speeds of time and how and why does it “heal” people and even bring them back to life? Furby was dead and Taylor was severely injured and maybe also dead. It must have to do with the water being able to slow down and even reverse time to a a previous point. The futuristic Spaceman was dialing something on his holographic wrist instrument to help heal Taylor with water. It was like he was dialing in a point in time to before he was injured. Also they must be able to monitor time because he showed them the news where they went missing and how in the future earthlings figure out how to travel thru space and time! The fact that the Conquistadors and Cavemen were fighting for the source (waterfall) may indicate that the water is the key to the time differentials and the reversal of time and possibly being able to travel thru time. This is why they were fighting for the “Fountain of Youth”. Think about that!

  7. Cris

    I think the movie overall had a good plot and story. Obviously, it could have benefitted from a bigger budget and better actors. For me the big question is how the “water” slows down or even reverses time? Furby was dead and Taylor was critically injured and possibly dead also. And the Professor was mortally wounded. How does the water affect time and “heal” and revive them. Does it take them back in time to before they were injured? What is the “water” really. You see the Futuristic Spaceman adjusting a holographic wrist monitor when he is bringing Taylor back to like. Have they figured out the water’s time/space properties and is he adjusting time to go back to when Taylor was still alive. Is this what the water does? Also, are they monitoring time sequences because he shows the kids news about their disappearance and how the human race has progressed before he dies by the pool of “water”. Also, is the waterfall that is being fought over by the Spanish Conquistadors and the Cavemen in the slowest time sequence the “source” for figuring out all of these questions? Is this that why it is called the “Fountain of Youth”? This movie should have a sequel where they could explore and answer some of these questions. Of course it would have to have Tom Cruise or Kevin Costner or someone like that in it! lol

  8. Rey

    Unsure what this was going to be, but, glad I watched. This is a surprisingly good film for an estimated $1M budget.

    The show has the potential for the making of a successful sequel(s)—or better yet, a TV series.

    The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others, or not …

    The fear I have is for this sequel or series idea does not manifest itself. I encourage all to watch and be your own judge ….

  9. David Chawes

    Serious plot hole when one young lady goes up to the surface to get help. When she returns back into the cave after a few minutes she should have aged many years relative to her friends left behind in the cave.

    • Jeremy

      That is what I thought at first but that isn’t the way it happened. She came back 30 minutes from the time she left so it felt like she wasn’t gone very long. If she would have stayed on the surface for a year only 4 seconds would have passed. Anything shorter than being on the surface for 3 months would have felt like she never left which the video footage shown.

  10. Lisa

    There’s a lot of plot holes in this movie that if you think too hard about you will drive yourself crazy but why would she age if she was just up there a few minutes? With a serious budget this could have been a much better movie. I actually love the concept but the execution and acting were lacking, to say the least.

  11. Travis

    Here’s what’s confusing you. She wasn’t out for 30 minutes of “cave” time, she was out for 30 minutes of “surface” time. So she aged for 30 minutes while her friends aged for a millisecond or whatever.

    • Tony

      I think one of the characters said that she was gone for 2 seconds. Wouldn’t that make it 6 months that she was on the surface?

  12. Thomas Joseph

    David CHAWES: she would not have aged like that her time outside the cave did not move fast the time inside the cave basically froze when she reached the surface so yes if she would have waited 30 years to come back down then yes for them it would still seem like minutes. There time down there moves so slow that her going back down 30 min after she went up for them looked like she never left. And as I said even if she came back down a week a month or a year later for them would have still felt like seconds she didn’t age quicker outside the cave not really it just seems to like that to them cause they r moving so slow from there point of view but she didn’t leave the cave at all so there would be no time lapse, not for them anyway but just my opinion sorry repeated myself a bit there

  13. Brooke

    I disagree entirely! I just finished this movie and my mind was in so many directions and so confused that my eyes watered a bit (that happens when my brain starts going nuts XD). I though they did such a great job of showing how the characters’ emotions varied throughout the story; almost like that feeling you get when someone dies whether they be real or in a book. You could see how it was such a shock to them. I do agree that they could’ve builded on that emotion a little more however. I felt the setting stayed the same for too long and there was no clear plot or theme really. The ending wasn’t bad, but I wish it wasn’t a “leave it to the viewer/reader” ending. I might just be seeing this all from a teen’s perspective (which I am) rather than an adult’s (which I’m up assuming you are), but I don’t know. Either way, it was a pretty good movie.

  14. Brooke

    Lisa: I totally agree! Same thing with the Percy Jackson movies: had they gotten the budget of the Harry Potter movies, they wouldn’t be a disgrace to mankind.

  15. Brooke

    I disagree entirely! I just finished this movie and my mind was in so many directions and so confused that my eyes watered a bit (that happens when my brain starts going nuts XD). I though they did such a great job of showing how the characters’ emotions varied throughout the story; almost like that feeling you get when someone dies whether they be real or in a book. You could see how it was such a shock to them. I do agree that they could’ve builded on that emotion a little more however. I felt the setting stayed the same for too long and there was no clear plot or theme really. The ending wasn’t bad, but I wish it wasn’t a “leave it to the viewer/reader” ending. I might just be seeing this all from a teen’s perspective (which I am) rather than an adult’s (which I’m up assuming you are), but I don’t know. Either way, it was a pretty good movie.
    Also I noticed that been though it came out 2018 people are finding it now

  16. Taylor Holmes

    Did I say it was bad? Maybe I did. I definitely loved the mechanics and the idea. But found the acting and the jumps jarring. But to each his own. Glad you liked it. I definitely only talk about interesting movies. And this was a very intriguing movie.

  17. Lisa

    What’s funny is that I’m seeing this film getting a push on streaming services right now for whatever reason. It was just recommended to me a few days ago. I wonder why.

  18. Ryan

    I watched this film last night and found it quite interesting. The trip to the surface confused me for a minute until I realized that time moves 1 second in the cave per 1 year on the surface. That’s why she was able to be on the surface for a few minutes and it looked like she didn’t even leave to her friends down below. If only there could be a sequel where they discover a cave that reverses time! That would surely mess you up in the head. Like every second in a cave moves time on the surface back one year. You could essentially tune travel by jumping in each cave. That might be a problem though because after too long underground in the time reversal cave, the surface would cease to exist… Maybe move time relative by a percentage so that it could never reach zero. Anyways, you should watch this film if its late and you ran out of good movies to watch and enjoy pondering the rifts between space and time.

  19. Mark DiSessa

    I enjoyed the movie. The only flaw to me is when the girl first climbed to the surface to set off the gps beacon and when she came back, no one in the cave aged. She should’ve come back to all of them dead.

  20. Mitch Hennessy

    What makes a great movie. Sometimes it’s not only the grade A story and character development, sometimes its timing….pun intended.
    You may want a story you can discuss comparatively to “Classical Literature” course, but sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy a creative story, delivered creatively.
    This is that kind of movie. These discussions remind me of Scorsese commenting that the Avengers movies aren’t “cinema”….really? Well, whatever works for you Mr. Scorsese. I walked away from this movie feeling pretty good, and that’s enough for me.

  21. Q

    Good movie. I thank the time bubbles had something to do with the amount of the healing water in the atmosphere. The first layers only had shallow body’s of water so the evaporation of the water would be slow. The second layer was a huge water fall that put a lot of water and the air. I hint to this was the passing through moisture barrier.

    I thank at the end they found that the barrier could be diluted with a water bridge. Meaning time would gradually slow to normal the further you traveled up the water tunnel.

  22. Sheri Rodgers

    I thought the movie was fairly good and to be very interesting. I was immediately sucked in by its concept of time travel. I especially liked the pulsating of the sun in the sky. Of course that was the seasons flashing by. I found that idea fascinating and made me want more. Yes the acting wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen either. I would have liked to have seen the kids in the cave return to the surface more so we could see the planet deteriorating. Maybe Cara could climb out sooner and sees something like what Prof. Hopper discovers. Their cars completely covered by vegetation. Scared she returns but nobody believes her, so Taylor goes to check it out but when he returns to the surface the landscape is much different than what Cara had explained. This would have given the characters more time to realize and reflect on their unique and troubling set of circumstances. I would have liked to seen more interaction with the other lost time travelers in the cave, as well, as a way for the characters (and the audience) to fully understand the time warp and the water barriers. And perhaps more investigation into the frozen fight between the Spanish conquistadors and the cavemen. Explain why they are fighting and the true power of the waterfall. Although I dont think cavemen would have understood the concept of time travel but perhaps they were just protecting their territory?? I would like to see this idea developed into a TV series with more financing. It would lend more time to explore such a complex concept such as time travel and develop the characters. Netflix should produce it and really make it great. It’s a fantastic idea and one I think deserves to be expanded on. Only thing, please dont make the characters so dumb. They’re supposed to be college grads working as teaching assistants, yet they are not very smart. Leaving a 10 to 12 yo boy as look out? Come on that wouldn’t happen unless the adults were complete morons. Idk. Maybe that’s the point.

  23. Ts_

    I think instead of thinking that you’ve gotta voice every little concern on some website after watching said movie, just try watching it first and enjoying it.

  24. Cris

    Maybe you should do the same and not comment on their comments. haha. They could be practicing to be a movie critic. Just kidding. I had to comment on your comment about their comments. lol

  25. Lisa

    You are on the wrong website if you don’t like to pick apart movies. Because that’s what this site is all about. Just saying!

  26. Sean

    I agree with Sheri:

    “perhaps more investigation into the frozen fight between the Spanish conquistadors and the cavemen. Explain why they are fighting and the true power of the waterfall.”

    Definitely wanted to see way more of this third layer but it just a few seconds. Just what the hell was going on in there? They don’t need to explain everything, I was relatively happy with the ending for example, but I don’t think they even needed to show this third layer, it added nothing but questions.

    The acting seems to be a common complaint but relative to the average indie movie it was totally fine and about what I would expect from a bunch of no name actors.

    The pacing of the movie was probably my biggest complaint, e.g. the caveman stuff was silly and a waste of time, but overall it had some interesting ideas and there’s not nearly enough scifi out there so I definitely enjoyed it.

  27. Viv

    I think the young girl would have aged that was the point he said it was solstices so it was a year each flash of light…remember so even any time up there should have aged her at least a few years…relative to those in the cave! Otherwise the whole movie would make no sense.

  28. JE

    I just watched the movie. I liked it, but definitely had a few issues. Like, it seemed as if the 1st future guy had an idea of what he was getting himself into. How? How did he know to put Taylor onto the pool? Why didn’t future guy have a team with him? …the timing of the “aliens” was pretty perfect to be just as they were climbing out…why didn’t they rescue the cave people (especially if they were the last of humanity)? I have other questions but those are the main ones….

  29. Mark Smith

    I loved it and seven year old grandson watched it with and asked all the right questions. Concept was great.

  30. deKev

    @Viv, er actually, no, because the younger sis told her older sis, the one who climbed to the top, “you were only gone for like 2 seconds…”, at which point another girl then quipped “if you don’t wanna climb all the way up, just say so”. Incredulous, older sis then made the others watch the footage she managed to capture while topside in order to prove her point, only to learn that the others down in the cave were right that literally no time had elapsed for them between older sis climbing to the top and climbing back down. Watch that part again if you can, because I did, ha.

  31. Larry Bird

    I came in just looking for something to watch and I ended up enjoying the movie. Netflix should definitely be trying to make a sequel or TV show to fill in the plot holes. My take on the ending is that they weren’t Aliens but they were Futuristic Humans who had evolved to live in Space. I did enjoy it.

  32. Davon

    The Movie would have been so much more interesting if Furby would’ve came to look for them in the cave when he grew up to be an adult, because on the walkie talkie, he sounded like an adult, but later, we come to a realization that he was still the same age because he came down the cave like 2 days later, not 20 years later.

  33. Davon

    The Movie would have been so much more interesting if Furby would’ve came to look for them in the cave when he grew up to be an adult, because on the walkie talkie, he sounded like an adult, but later, we came to a realization that he was still the same age because he came down the cave like 2 days later, not 20 years later.

  34. Mitchell

    Why did they only retrieve the kids, hopper, and his family? Why not the cowboy, man in space suites, or even the conquistadors? You don’t want the native cannibals in the space ship but why only some?

    And how did they know exactly when she would put her hand through the water to grab here? You would 1) have to know hey we’re down there, and 2)wait for centuries for her to climb to the top.

  35. Jean

    Great movie. People are confused about the girl leaving but not getting older while gone. Its simple. One she leaves the cave, the time pretty much stops in the cave. And keeps going on the surface. 30 mins was 30 seconds if not less in the cave. So yeah, she aged 30 mins. I hope this helps anyone who didn’t understand.

  36. Scott

    This was a really good movie. Watch it for the entertainment and don’t criticize it so much. Was it an A movie, no, but it was still entertaining. I hope they make a part 2. I’ve seen worse acting. This was pretty good.

  37. deKev

    Glad you like it, Scott, and who knows, this might yet become a cult classic one day, if it hasn’t already. The best thing about the movie, IMHO, is the mind-boggling concept alone – time bubbles with varying rates of time passing. I believe it’s the first of its kind to make it to the big screen, although there’s a similar element at play in Freaks, which is also discussed here at THiNC.

  38. Michael

    Yes. To add to the comments about the girl leaving the cave for 30 min to use the GPS, remember that people inside the cave are basically frozen to the time perspective of those outside the cave. You see this when Hopper looks inside the cave at the beginning of the movie. He sees the cowboy with the gun just standing frozen there. Then goes back like the next day and he’s still standing in the same spot. So, the girl who went to go use the GPS was only gone for 30 min earth time perspective and virtually no time in terms of cave time perspective.

  39. Anne

    “Soon after your arrival, your provisions would run out, and there would be little hope for you” You are totally missing the entire point of the film! The point is, they are in a different time zone down there. The time those cave people had been stuck down in the cave was very little time at all from their perspective. From the perspective of the people in the world outside, thousands of years had gone past, but from the perspective of the cave people, it had probably only been a few days. So they probably hadn’t run out of provisions yet.

  40. Aristotle

    Thank you. I watched until the second time he saw the cowboy, and thought I’d consult you before committing. Those first few minutes was torture to watch. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. Next.

  41. Philip

    Personally I really liked this film. It was surprisingly enjoyable!! I would have preferred a longer ending which explained how the time bubble and the water both worked, as well as clarifying specifically, how many years had passed on Earth (and better still, what actually *happened to Earth* in the time they were in that cave). It was surprisingly good though! I actually did quite like watching this movie!

  42. Philip

    Personally I really liked this film. It was surprisingly good! I would have liked it however if they explained how the water and time bubble worked, as well as telling us specifically, how many years had passed on Earth since they were in that cave. I can kinda figure it out (several thousand years I believe) but still. Not only that but I would have liked an clarification on what actually *happened to Earth* in all the time that passed.

    The ending was a bit too open. Left me hanging. I think any kind of movie involving time-travel needs to wrap things up neatly as possible.

    Overall though, not a bad film especially considering it’s small budget!

  43. Tash

    Terrible acting and little development of actual emotion, ie. when they realise that decades had passed on earth and their parents/friends would have died long ago.

    However, I’m a sucker for sci-fi and anything to do with the time-space continuum. Assuming they’d spent 2 hours earth time in the cave and a year passes by every 4 seconds, that would’ve equated to roughly 1800 years that would have elapsed on surface level which is super cool to think about.

    I do think it deserves a part 2 to explain the properties of the water and how they managed to manipulate it as well as an idea of what the future earthlings look like and if there’s a cave that reverses time!

  44. Lisa

    This poor film seems to be getting a lot of hate lately! For all it’s faults, I thought it was a pretty daring script to attempt. I did like it even though it could have used better acting.

  45. Peta

    Character development could certainly have been better, but I do wonder how I would have reacted after falling off a cliff and breaking an ankle or hand, then realizing the youngest of the party was killed: physical pain, emotional pain, and probably guilt for leaving him alone to begin with. Would there be room to even start processing the fact that everyone else is gone, including the earth as you know it?

    I first wondered why the cave people were so aggressive. Then it dawned on me that from their perspective they had only been there for 2.5 hours, and after the first two hours or so in peace they were suddenly attacked by the armed Spanish, looking for the Fountain of Youth. Let’s assume 1 year passes by in 1 second (there are different layers where time passes differently, but let’s keep it simple.) Say that the first people arrived in Texas around 7000 BC. In real time ca. 9000 years have passed until 2017, but that is only 9000/3600 = 2.5 hours! (9000 years = 9000 seconds. 9000 seconds = 2.5 hours) Around 1600 the Spanish conquistadores arrive, that is at 8600/3600 = 2.38 hours after the cave people arrived and started to make camp. They clearly had no problem in shooting unarmed women (and Hopper), so naturally the cave men start defending themselves. Around 1880, 1900 or so the cowboy arrives (8900/3600=2.47), that is about 6 minutes after the Spanish! He gets overwhelmed and killed by the cave men, who would no way be able to distinguish between him and the killers of their families. He himself had already pulled his gun when he heard the screams of women (the cave women being killed? Hopper’s mom?), so he was in attack mode too. 70 years later (70/3600 = 0.02 hours) = less than a second later the Hopper hippie family is there too, and almost instantaneously, Hopper and the students arrive as well. So, within 7 minutes at most the Spanish, the cowboy, the hippies, Hopper and the students arrive. The movie covers a couple of hours in the caves, so the next exercise is figuring out where everyone entered the cave, and how they progressed through the caves the hours after they all entered. I bet the film crew worked with a map to make it all work! In all, I think this was brilliantly done.

  46. Heath

    The cave should have been packed full of animals and humans from over the millennia. Especially people going looking for missing people. Also passing through a time dimension like that should rip you apart? Like a black hole. Passing through the barrier might take a year or two for half your body. Everyones backs would be dusty as they pass through haha. Great movie though.

  47. Heath

    The cave should have been packed full of animals and humans from over the millennia. Especially people going looking for missing people. Also passing through a time dimension would rip you apart, or at least leave everyones backs extremely dusty haha.

  48. bill

    Other than the fact that there should be more people that found the cave – I honestly can’t find any plot holes. To me it seemed to indicate hundreds of years are going by on the surface. The water at the top could have been the ocean since i assume all the ice on earth melts. The fact that the girl at the end says they “are kind of famouse” indicates it was her gps that caught the attention of the ship. For the next thousands of years they watched as they tried to figure out how to access them and the strange time enormity. Watching her slowly climb back down then eventualy back up and close enough to grab. For the futuristic humans in space/surface the sudden spperance of the ladder must have been great and stood there for thousands of years.

  49. O'Connor

    The water must have been the source of the time differences in an evaporated state. In the first area, there was only the small pool. The humidity of the evaporated water from the small pool caused the region to slow. In the main cavern where the battle was occurring, there was a waterfall or geyser of the time slowing water. This likely would lead to an increase in water vapor or mist slowing time even more. The water in its liquid state reversed time for bodies immersed in it. They weren’t just healed. Neither Taylor nor Furby had scars or indication of understanding what had happened to them. Taylor didn’t seem to recall he was bludgeoned, and even seemed confused (or in wonderment) as to why his fingers were wrapped. Furby wasn’t shocked he was no longer dead and gave no sign he knew about anything other than his spooky nights in the jeep.

  50. Dedraken

    The movie was amazing man. I don’t know what you are rumbling about an indie movie that is so much more inspirational than most other sci-fi movies out there with much bigger budgets!

    Duh, what a pretentious review!

    • Taylor Holmes

      Hey Dedraken,
      Trust me, I am about as unpretentious as it gets when it comes to indie film. I’m super stoked you loved it and carry zero grudges when it comes to film creators that work outside of the big movie houses. And yeah, it was good. I don’t disagree but the acting was the bit that I really really struggled through.

      But if weird, indie, time Tavel films are your thing, there are so many amazing ones out there. Maybe try Time Lapse, Time Crimes, Coherence, Palm Springs, Time Crimes, Arq, Predestination, Volition, oh dang… but you have to experience Dark, the Netflix tv show if you really want to see how perfect indie time travel films can get.

  51. Garbage review

    Trash review. Shame on you. You really shouldn’t review movies you admittedly don’t pay attention to. You do a disservice to both your readers, the filmmakers, and the fans. I’ve read plenty of reviews on Time Trap and the thing the negative ones seem to have in common is that they weren’t paying attention. When a cheesy b movie like this is smarter than you, you look like a complete fool. You should watch again and use your brain next time.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Fair enough. You know what? You talked me into it. The next time I watch a b movie I WILL use my brain. I’ve decided. But I better jot that on a post-it note or something… “Use Brain”. Got it. There. Phew.

      You guys can drag me all you want for not loving this film. It’s fine. But don’t talk to me like I don’t know low budget indie films, or say that I am not supporting indies because of my mediocre review. Read my site. It’s all I talk about.

      I’ll go now so you can love fest this film. I want you to. That’s awesome.

  52. Lisa

    What’s interesting to me is you managed to find yourself here which means you were Googling and looking for some understanding of this movie so trying to insult someone else’s intellect level may not be where you want to go here. 10 people can watch the same film and have 10 different explanations for it. It doesn’t make anyone wrong. Perhaps your time would be better spent not being so negative towards opinions that may be different from your own. Or if you do absolutely feel the need to criticize, there’s such a thing called constructive criticism. Manners matter, even on the net. This movie had a lot going for it but the acting was extremely sub par which takes away from the viewing pleasure. The story itself was very clever but there were holes in the plot all over the place. Plus this is a webpage where we discuss films and TV. It’s not about who’s right in a sea of a million opinions.

  53. Lisa

    Every time I try to reply to someone it makes a new comment. I think I’m website impaired in some way. Anyway my other long comment from yesterday is toward the nasty one above.

  54. John

    Regarding the development of emotions, I m thinking that there was too much of information to digest within 1 or 2 hours… they didnt have the time to fully understand what happened… just about they found Ferby dead, a second ago they realized years have gone by…

  55. Austin Garcia

    The only significant plot hole I found was at the end, when Furby wakes up and sees Hopper’s family. The little girl is there (Hopper’s little sister?), but if you remember she went two dream levels ;) down and and began experiencing time at a rate of approximately 1 waterfall area second = 994,519,296,000,000 normal surface seconds (or 31,536,000 normal years per second [1 second=1 year squared]). Assuming that one level down = 1 year per second and assuming the levels are equally impacted by the time differential, how on earth (or in space ;)) would anyone have been able to retrieve the little girl in any reasonable time frame pertinent to the main cast who is now on normal time, even if they sent that tube thing to grab her extremely quickly???

    One other problem was the alien in the suit knowing about the the teen’s disappearance story on the news. While the female teen’s GPS distress call signal may have pinged their location to the future human race in space, how would the space humans have known the identity of the distress caller? The only two explanations I have been able to come up with is: 1) They had powerful enough telescopes and a quick enough reaction time to look and see her face (from ~ mars) before she went back into the cave and then used facial recognition software which somehow had logs of a face from roughly 7,200 years ago (2 hours spent in the cave at a rate of ~1 year per second). Or 2) There may have been an identifier in the distress signal that was unique to each GPS unit, and even then the future humans would have to have basically all data from all modern time with them to be able to look up this device and its owner and then cross-reference that name in historical records to discover the teen’s identities and their disappearance story.

    Small sidenote: I thought these comments were all current as the movie just now came on my Netflix and I didn’t check the release date. After getting to the twentieth message or so I realized I was reading stuff from the over a year ago thinking it was current, and having just finished this movie it feels like this thread is a little like the cave! haha Time is moving more slowly in here than in the real world for the first timers who perceive it without noticing the timestamps.

    I know its just a dumb movie but its a fun exercise to play with in the mind and draw out hypotheticals from.. anyone else notice these inconsistencies/intricacies?

  56. Austin Garcia

    One more thing, nice review man, I ‘m really glad I just stumbled across this site as these types of movies are right up my alley. Timetrap not only got me thinking, in spite of the dumb acting and pretty terrible screenplay/directing, but also led me to a great movie resource, and in that light it was pretty impactful in a small way at least for one guy spending quarantine catching up on head scratchers on netflix! Two enthusiastic thumbs up good on you dude. Have a good one and looking forward to more of your stuff, now onto Dark..

  57. Austin Garcia

    Okay, one last thing I swear! Just realized something else problematic given Timetrap’s proposed universe. Given the time dilation two levels down being what it is (1 second=31,536,000 normal earth years), the conquistadors fighting in the waterfall area had only been in there for less than one second (actually .0000166 seconds total time in the bubble within a bubble and that’s at the very most given that the conquistadors discovered America in 1497) so how did the conquistadors have enough time to fight the cavepeople before the main character witnessed this scene? They should all be just inside the event horizon/membrane like they walked into jello glue.. Granted more time elapsed for the conquistadors when the main cast went one level down but even that would only constitute at most an additional .00028 seconds for the conquistadors given a 2 hour dwell time for the main cast at one level down.

    Okay I’m going to bed, my brain hurts.

  58. Thomas Anderson

    I usually agree with you, such as your reviews of “Triangle” & “Predestination.” However, you states yourself that you usually have notepad & are more prepared, which in movie you state you were not.
    I actually really enjoyed this movie, I think everything makes sense & it was definitely a fun & entertaining watch.
    It may not be up there with “Predestination”, but it is a very cool movie on its own. I humbly suggest that you give it a second viewing.
    In conclusion, I really hope they make a TimeTrap 2.

  59. Darlie

    I feel like the thinkers have wasted a lot of time not thinking.
    Water is the element of life.
    Time is the measurement of a complete cycle.
    Travel is a measurement of speed through which life moves about through space while keeping time.
    I just watched this movie on Netflix and I understand the confusion. The whirlwind that we went through in seemingly standstill motion.
    The never ending debate is the very old question of, can time be measured? It depends on how you understand time.
    Have you been diving? If so you will know that time is definitely different underwater. It’s very slow. You set alarms so you don’t run out of air as you will lose track of surface time. An hour will seem like 2 minutes!
    Plus, you move much slower through water than you do air. Gravity is heavier underwater.
    Day is much shorter in the shallows and nonexistent in the depths.
    Measuring time underwater would not be the same as measuring it in the air.
    In the cave where the air is wet and even wetter the deeper you go until you reach the slowest depth where the earliest human guards the first river to bring life. Study ancient texts regarding water, time and space. I promise you will end up more confused in regards to what you thought you knew. And if you stick with you may just find yourself a little wiser for the confusion.
    Einstein had a theory about realms of life and time. Essentially, a dinosaur is sitting on your dwelling right now, according to Einstein.
    The movie has taken time and revealed its wonder but not hardly the awe of time as it remains misunderstood. The movie, for time chasers, is very thought provoking.
    It starts with water as it’s well know to be the giver of life. It’s fluidity is known to slow down time when you dive into its depth.
    The wet feeling observed in the movie made me think of the intense humidity on this planet in her younger years. Early humans and other life forms could breathe the air when it would seem to drown us today given its high precipitation. But, we can breathe water even today as long as it has high contents of oxygen in it.
    A cave, going into the earth maintains a steady temperature and sustainable oxygen levels, for a long ways down. Roots and surface water keep oxygen flowing even beneath us.
    So, what better way to tell a story of time differentials than in a cave. As you can’t very well take an audience diving with oxygen tanks. Plus, you would be even more confused to the analogy over the concept of time and the sciences that change time.
    Then to cinch it off with more mind blowing information you have the human race living in cells as the travel around the planet waiting to return after her cycle through time.
    You could learn how our solar system shifts around in our galaxy. That our galaxy is currently traveling at over 3 billion light years to our calendar year. We are definitely in slow motion from within. But when we shift closer to the edge we speed up. No worries we can be pulled out of our galaxy but we can be pushed out of it. Time will change for us as it will speed up. And when we move more into our galaxy time gets even slower.
    Our galaxy is a small one as it only requires about 250 million light years to travel around. That’s the maths as we know maths. Astronauts are telling us time and gravity by which we measure the speed of time is not the same neither are the maths. That’s within our solar system… No telling what it’s like outside of it.
    So, the future humans used a pool over the hole of the cave to extract the later humans from it. A water barrier, not too cold nor hot to boot, to shield and protect them from the breach that made like on the planet where the cave is uninhabitable. Water, always giving life.
    How did they find them? They couldn’t answer that but it’s a good guess that the beacon signal was captured as the girl, Cara I think, saw the vessel coming.
    Why would a group of students bring along some siblings to find their professor? Because it wasn’t deemed some dangerous expedition. They had researched and theorized the hippy cave and passed with flying colors or however Hopper put it. Hopper was never honest with them. It took the one kid, Furby, to figure it out for them.
    This is why the parents had no objections.
    If you want to get a real sense of what the movie was portraying… Learn a little about the theories of time, water and travel. Then go diving, after getting certified. These ppl did a brilliant job at using sciences, theories, and the time lapses through life giving water, to show you a realm that Einstein would have been proud of being shown as a possible place of existence. That is if you believe that time exists on all levels of life and it keeps on going even when time revolutions change geography.
    Learn a little then watch the movie again. I promise you will still be confused because that’s the beauty of time, it’s elusive and ever changing power through the speed of travel.

  60. SPR8364

    I actually enjoyd the movie. But, I like B-movies. My main criticism of the review was the knock on the sets being cheesy. The whole movie appears to have been filmed in a cave. What sets? I’ve been in a lot of caves because I like caving and aside from the healing pool, it looked pretty real to me.


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