Killing Eve Season 2 is your next favorite show

Oh, this? This is nothing. Just a friendly Public Service Announcement declaring season two is unspooling and that two episodes are already available to watch.

Don’t know what Killing Eve is? Wait, what? You don’t know what Killing Eve is? Uh. Hold on. Can you say that again? Because apparently my ears have completely stopped working. Ah. I guess I heard that correctly after all. Huh. Interesting.

So, you haven’t seen Season 1 of Killing Eve? Wow. Are you together enough to hit the play button below? Or should I switch some HTML around and make it autoplay? Good heavens. OK, I’ll assume you capable of a single click. Though I don’t know why.

Mercy. Killing Eve season one is eight episodes of sheer bliss. Two women, one a quasi-MI-5 agent, and the other a psychotic, sociopathic, Russian assassin, find themselves locked in each other’s orbits. Both are unable to shake the other. Jodie Comer plays our truly out there Russian assassin. And the glorious Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri. Literally everything about this show is glorious.

For example, did you know that Waller-Bridge, the individual brought in to bring Jenning’s original books into a show, went looking for real life female assassins for inspiration? Apparently, the biggest single influence was a 2012 interview with Angela Simpson, a killer based out of Arizona. The interview, which you can watch here, shows Simpson revealing flits of that same Villanelle brilliance and eccentricity. Apparently, Simpson locked a man in her basement, tortured and killed him. And Waller-Bridge noticed that when Simpson boasts about her killing, she “sounds more like a psycho than anyone has ever sounded.”

All of these various research efforts have come together to make one of the best shows on TV right now. A unique dance between two women, who seem determined to kill each other, or dance a Tango, one or the other.

Edited by, CY