THiNC. Rock Paper Scissors Semi-Finals

A few days ago I came upon a pile of Unknown movies from a benevolent source and I thought we could make a game of giving them away. I also went out and found a few of one of my favorite movie recommendations – The One I Love – and I sweetened the purse with some THiNC. swag as well. You know, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and the like. But mainly just something stupid to do for laughs. (I once took a prom date (twice actually – but that is a different story entirely) to ride the little kids’ horse carousel in front of K-Mart at 1 am. Bizarre and stupid is basically how I roll.)

So I proposed, for anyone interested, that if the contestants would send me random Rock, Paper, Scissor picks, I’d match the contestants up for the world’s first Virtual – Rock Paper Scissor competition. Sure, it’s basically random dumb luck. But it was better than me just randomly picking someone for the stuff, no? I agree. Glad we are finally on the same page. Well, I received the virtual picks, and I have laid out the contestants randomly onto a field of 8 bracket that looks something like this:

Come on! This is getting exciting. I only wish I could play to see how well I would do! I could always use another copy of Unknown and The One I Love! And you can never have too much THiNC. swag! Or maybe you can. Hahaha. Whatever. But the fact remains – we have a semifinals competition to put on here dang it. So let’s get on with it.

So I will post the calls here today, and the results of the first four games and then next Friday, I will post the results of the final 3 games, and the top three winners of the swag.

ROUND 1 – Minka & Trey

Minka for the come from behind win!!! Congratz Minka on your advancement to semi-finals. Or finals? Whatever. Congratulations.

Round 2 – CY & Jimmy

Not a single tie! Woot! Congratulations CY on the 5-2 clean sweep of Jimmy. Jimmy, don’t worry, I have a consolation prize or two for you. Never fear. And CY, we will see you in the semi-finals.

Round 3 – Kelley Jo & Theo

Kelley Jo, congratulations on your 5-3 beating of Theo. Theo, you too will get consolation prizes if you’d like. I’ll touch base with you. But for now, Kelley Jo, you advance to the Semi-Finals, which, is happening next week.

Round 4 – Lauralee and Bill

And there you have it! All four rounds for this week. Sorry Bill! Lauralee, you really showed your true skill and deftness of hand with this blind Rock, Paper Scissors virtual tournament. I mean, I felt like I was sitting on pins and needles throughout! hahahaha. Bill, you too are welcome to an Unknown consolation prize. (It really is a good movie, trust me on this one. And nearly impossible to watch, online or off.) So yeah, I’ll ping you.

Next Week

Right, so next week we will send the last four competitors after each other in the semi-finals and finals of our Rock Paper Scissors tournament. Minka will be facing CY, and Kelley Jo will be facing Lauralee. Should be a real humdinger. See you next week for the conclusion of our utterly ridiculous virtual tournament!