Are You Watching Raised By Wolves?

Are You Watching Raised By Wolves? I’ve had a crush on Ridley Scott since Legend. I went backwards from there to Alien and Blade Runner, and as a teen, my mind was just blown by what was possible in the world of celluloid. I even found a copy of his movie The Duelist (which was very difficult to do back in the day. Think $200 for a used VHS copy kind of difficult.) I was so enamored with anything he crafted.

Well, he recently helped create a new show he’s released on HBO MAX called Raised By Wolves. It would seem that critics are pretty happy with what they’ve seen so far, and fans even more so. And I have to say, it’s just one more example of how Ridley shows that he can create, tabla rasa, from scratch…entirely new worlds, new stories, and new ideas. I mean, look at this thing, this is so unlike any other TV show you’ve ever seen:

Sort of reminds me Westworld? Now, I have only seen the first three eps so far. And there are 13 in season one. So this thing could really go a million different directions from here. But, at the start, the story tells about the future of earth, where the earth inhabitants have reverted back to a theocratic autocracy. A militant religious establishment that has created an ark in order to ferry survivors from the failing planet to other planets throughout the Milky Way. Basically humans have reverted back to the crusades. And we see that humans are divided into two factions – believers, and unbelievers. Atheists vs. Deists. It’s an interesting conversation. And yet, through machinations I won’t explain, everyone turns out to be Atheists! hahah. So I’m very curious as to how the details of this show will work, but more importantly, what it will say about believers and unbelievers.

Are You Watching Raised By Wolves?

Mother, a robot of frightening abilities, is chartered with keeping children alive as she seeds their new planet with inhabitants. Her prime directive. But as she seems to be failing, her frightening and bloody abilities become public knowledge. Knowledge to her child, and her new children. And it seems like her god-like powers might just be too much to handle for the humans on the show. Anyway – it’s interesting. It’s an interesting backstory for a show to play out on. It’s like Alien – no, no, check that – it’s more like the Promethean world that Ridley Scott created (inside the Alien universe).

So let me repeat the question – are you watching Raised By Wolves? I’ll be fascinated to see where this show is going to go. Have you guys started watching it?