Swedish Show White Wall Recommendation

Finnish Series White Wall Anyone?

I’ve taken to thinking of THiNC.’s Patreon site and members as the new nerve center for THiNC. I mean, it’s a lot of work scouring the new mobile-first streaming service Quibi, Netflix, HBO Max, ABC, Peacock, Prime, etc., etc. for new movies and shows. But I’ve taken to sharing a pile of movies and shows that I have been watching out for, and now that our Discord Chat server is up and running for you guys that are Patreon THiNCers it’ll be even easier for all of us to share new movies on the horizon. And in the midst of these posts, Chris T. mentioned a little Finnish show called White Wall that looks absolutely fascinating. Here is a blurb about the show, translated from Finnish, from a Finnish blog site called “Spoiler Alert.”

‘White Wall is an incredibly exciting project. In a completely realistic style, the series wrestles with the question of whether the unknown is always equal to what is still unexplored by science”, says Anna Croneman, drama director at SVT.

“White Wall” takes place mainly in a mining community in northern Sweden. There, chief engineer Lars Ruud leads the work of creating one of the world’s largest final repositories of nuclear waste. The project is severely delayed, as activists are doing their best to stop the opening of the facility.

The cover-up of a mysterious explosion accident deep down in a mine shaft that takes the lives of three people is the starting point for the series’ main story – at the same time exposing a foreign object that no one can explain. The cohesion in Lars Ruud’s team crackles so slowly because everyone thinks differently about what to do with the unknown object.

I have only watched one episode so far because only one episode has dropped. So I can’t definitively declare this is the next Dark (can’t be the next Dark. Dark will be the only Dark. But maybe it’ll have aspects and elements of Dark going for it?) (I might be able to share episode one with you if you ask really nicely. Doubt the Swedes would be too miffed – definitely will push them to realize that us Americans will figure out a way to watch their shows if they are decent! hahah. I’ve recently set up a VPN just for this show specifically.)

Do you remember the show Headhunters I talked to you guys about? The Norwegian mindjobby thriller that I loved so much? Well, White Wall features Aksel Hennie who was the lead in that as well. And he did a great job there too.

White Wall you can tell has a ton going on under the surface. Familial issues. Environmental issues. Corporate deceit. But ultimately, it’s obvious that the show will mainly discuss the fact that there is way more going on in the universe than we know about. And what we know can be measured in a thimble, and what we don’t know, can go on for light years. This White Wall will be a metaphor for spirituality, and unknown physics. It will be a metaphor against man’s hubris and pride. I’m intrigued to see where the show will go. And, at just eight episodes, it seems like the show will be manageable from a time commitment anyway.

Let me know if you think you’ll check it out. Again – I have no real way of pointing you to the show. It’s a Swedish show, and is only being broadcast in Europe right now?

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