Counterpart Watch Party Tomorrow 10/16

Everyone’s invited!! Not just Patreon subscribers. Wait, to what? Oh, right. Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a watch party from noon Mountain Standard Time until 5pm of the brilliant show, Counterpart. All you need to take part is a Prime account. I’ll post the link to get in right here after I create it on 10/16:


I’ll be hitting play at noon – but I’m there now.

Now, normally, watch parties are a benefit for Patreon subscribers – but tomorrow, everyone is invited. YEAH!

If you have never watched the show, it is really really really good. Acting is the stuff of dreams. The plot is ingenious. And I consider it to be up there with the show Dark. Though not as developed or nearly as fleshed out. But it may just be in my top five TV shows of all time. Heck, don’t like the show? Just come hang out and chat. What’s the worst that could happen? You might make a new friend or two that loves crazy movies just as much as you do.

All you need is a Prime subscription and the link will work just fine. I’ll start with Season 1 Episode 1 – so if you’ve never watched before, you haven’t missed anything. Join us for ep1, and we’ll see how far we get by the time the clock counts down. Could be a lot of fun. I mean, it could be if you are there anyway!!

Edited by: CY