Taxi Driver Watch Along Video Party

The other day, I had the privilege of watching Taxi Driver for the first time. How did this happen? How could I not have seen this movie being the cinepfile that I am? I really do not know. I mean, I always knew, in the back of my brain that it was sort of a old school Falling Down. But that was about it. Obviously I knew De Niro was in it. I knew it was awesome. I didn’t know it was this awesome though! Holy cow. Alright, here we go – Taxi Driver Watch Along Video Party!! woot woot.

Well, anyway… it was an amazing ride. I loved every bit about it – but what I loved most about my first experience of Taxi Driver, was that Matt, a Patreon member and I, watched it together via Zoom. We chatted off and on throughout the film… though not much, because we were trying to grok this crazy film. And then after we finished watching we talked about it for a good solid 30 minutes. It really lit up our brains. Like big time. It was a blast.

If you aren’t aware, over on Patreon, we occasionally watch movies together. We chat on a discord server. We find piles and piles of movies to watch that are all THiNC. quality. You too could join in on the fun right here. For a buck a month, you’ll get access to all the hidden content on this site. For $5 you’ll get access to the Discord Chat server (that is where the bling really is). And I’ll do bespoke movie recommendations for you. Etc. For $10 you get access to the movie watching experiences. (The movie we are kicking around for soon after Christmas is A Promising Young Woman. Should be a blast.) For $15 I will be your step and fetch it. Need coffee? I’m there for you buddy. Need that lip gloss across the way? I’m your man. No seriously… $15 a month donors have a much bigger impact on the films I review here on THiNC. and much more. Seriously though, consider jumping in.

Here is another example of a Patreon benefit. I will be recording the movie watching experiences going forward (Not quite as fun as partaking yourself, first hand… but still fun) and will be posting them here for you to watch later if you’d like, or if you missed out. Below I’ve included the video recording of Matt and me watching Taxi Driver. Want to watch along with us virtually squared? Hit play, and hit play… voila. Love to know if you think Matt and I missed anything at the end of the movie during our discussion. Pop a comment in the comments below.

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Alright, here we go!! Buckle up. Crack out Netflix. And in the video we mention that we are 5 seconds in when we hit play. Queue it up to the same place and join in.

And there you have it. TAXI DRIVER!!


Thanks guys! Can’t wait for the next movie watching experience to share with you guys. And hopefully you’ll be there this time. Matt, thanks for the movie recommendation – I am way way way better off having that movie in my back pocket. Well done, sir, well done.

Edited by: CY

Taxi Driver Watch Along Video Party - because Covid season is lonely, and we know everyone could use a virtual friend every now and again.