Is 30 Coins on HBO Max Worth Our Time?

Titles are more regularly designed as click-bait chum more often than real questions. But this time, I literally am asking the question – Is 30 Coins on HBO Max Worth Our Time? I’ve watched 1/2 of 1 episode so far and I really don’t know if I should pour the hours of investment into it in order to get to the pay off.

I’ll be honest, the opening is pretty crazy, and also extraordinarily intriguing. In a sort of Matrix-esque, Neo invading the final citadel sort of kick-off, we watch as a man, with only a pistol, decimates an entire squad of security in a bank in order to retrieve a single coin. Along the way he is shot numerous times, over and over again, and yet he keeps going. Huh. OK. Interesting. What is this all about? And what are these coins?

Apparently, the coins are the 30 pieces of silver that Judas was given as payment for his betrayal of Christ. Oh, huh? Alright. Apparently the silver is sort of the antecedent to the Holy Grail of sorts. Each coin is imbued with power of sorts. So it is an interesting idea. But I have this feeling that the show is more about God, and his allowance for evil. The outlandish blood and bullets might just be trappings for the real focus for the film which might just be the origins of good and evil.

So let’s get back to the real question on the table – while this looks like a fascinating theological-carnival digression… do you think it’s worth our time and investment to see where it goes? There are 8 episodes. Two have been released at this point. Should we start it? Should we stick with it? How far into it are you and should I keep going? I really need your feedback here. You all know I don’t generally do serial shows because of the time commitment. But maybe this one would be worth the exception to the rule? Let me know in the comments below.

Edited by: CY