Safe Inside Movie Recommendation and Ending Investigation

Safe Inside Movie Recommendation and Ending Investigation
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Look. I consider you guys family. Well, all of you but you, Jake. You, sir, are just annoying. But the rest of you? Family. And last week, my life exploded. I won’t get into it. And it isn’t a huge deal – I mean, considering – but for me, yeah… it blew up in a pretty big way. I’ll be just fine, but thanks for asking (Heck, if you want to know more – family – feel free to email me and I’ll happily tell you.) but it means a lot (A LOT) of chaos in my life right now. So this walkthrough is going to be more perfunctory than most. And yet, trust me on this one, it deserves the full nine yards. So check out the movie, Safe Inside, and join me as I discuss the ending with you guys. My apologies on the truncated walkthrough, but I think you’ll all be just fine. Trust me on this one. Safe Inside Movie Recommendation and Ending Investigation!

If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t move on in this post. Because in about 100 words, this thing is going to be filleted and laid out before you, and you’ll ruin the surprise really quickly. Check out the movie either here, or here. Alright, let’s do this!

High Level Safe Inside Walkthrough

So, the general idea of Safe Inside is simple enough. Two Americans, touring France, are traveling the French countryside when the bus hits something. “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it.” The couple decides they are going to get off the bus and walk to the villa where they applied to work. They arrive and find that it is a glorious mansion, sort of a historical museum of a location. The two quickly get to work helping the weird man out. They find books that are nothing but covers. They find LP’s that are nothing but the first 20 seconds of music. It is a very, very, weird place. And every time they attempt to leave they are thwarted somehow. They are never really allowed to visit the local town, or even go out to walk in the lavender fields. Something VERY strange is going on here.

Sylvia (played by Andrea Tivadar – whom you might have seen in Killing Eve?) eventually decides she likes it there and doesn’t want to leave, but Tom (played by Tom Ainsley) just gets jealous and angry about the whole ordeal. Eventually, Tom is caught stealing money of Richard’s (played by Steven Brand), which he says was a setup. And with that, Tom leaves the reservation… jumps the fence, and is never seen there again. But he just wakes up, and we realize that the bus actually had a horrific accident and it sent Sylvia and Tom into comas. And come to find out, the imaginary estate they all three lived within, was within the mind of Richard’s past. Tom even goes so far as to leave the hospital and visit the estate, which is a dilapidated ruin now. When Tom asks the local villagers if there were ever any dogs there, he learns that the police killed them all. Hrmmm, wonder what happened?

Meanwhile, back in the coma, Sylvia befriends the dogs, and names each one. And Richard starts making advances on Sylvia. Tom, upset by what is happening, tries to kill Richard in his hospital bed, and when he was stopped by the hospital security, he jumps out the window in an attempt to be reunited with Sylvia. (Can you say Mal and Inception?) But, the last I checked, pancaking on the pavement does not a coma make. And when Sylvia tries to escape by jumping the fence, she never is able to get out. She realizes though that she has befriended the dogs, and she sics the dogs on Richard, who maul him to death. Both Sylvia and Richard go into cardiac arrest and we watch as Sylvia finally makes it to the lavender fields where she is reunited with Tom… the end.

Safe Inside Movie Recommendation and Ending Investigation

Wait. Um. What?

So it’s a pretty simple thing to understand that Sylvia and Tom were in a bus, and they had a really bad accident. They both had brain damage, Sylvia worse than Tom. They were taken to a nearby French hospital where they were all put in a coma ward next to a patient that had been there for years already. And when they did, their brainwaves synced up with Richard’s, allowing them to inhabit the coma space that Richard also inhabited. Got it so far? Good.

Now, Tom eventually started to get better, and was starting to surface when he chaffed at the relationship between Sylvia and Richard. So when Tom jumped the fence, he was actually gaining consciousness and awakening in the real world. His visit to Richard’s home shows us that this is Richard’s memory of his home. Andt Richard was attacked by the dogs when he got between two of them that were fighting, and that is how he fell into a coma. The cops then killed all the dogs as they were considered a danger to the local community.

But what about the ending of the movie Safe Inside. Now, when Tom commits suicide by jumping out the window, he leaves to walk the lavender fields in the great beyond. (Sort of a take away from the movie Gladiator… no? We see them walking in the fields of wheat on their way to Elysium.) Then, when Sylvia gets the dogs to attack Richard it invokes a cardiac arrest for them both. Why? Maybe Richard succumbs to the mental fatigue of being attacked by his own dogs? And Sylvia? Maybe she flips out with the loss of her mental home in Richard’s mind. We don’t really know. So when Sylvia dies, she too is able to jump the wall surrounding the estate, and join up with Tom in the beautiful fields.

Does that make sense? Again, perfunctory, but I’ll circle back and answer questions in the comments if people were unclear about things beyond my summary.

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