Cruel Summer Free Limited Series Recommendation

Cruel Summer Free Limited Series Recommendation. The other day, over on the latest THiNC. Spotlight, I told everyone reading that I was now charging $19.95 per post. If you start reading, you need to click this link, and donate $19.95 for the privilege of continuing to read through the movie recommendations. Never mind that 80% of them weren’t even mine. Irrelevant. Well, today is different. This movie show recommendation is free. Cruel Summer. I’m literally 15 minutes in, and already I’m posting this recommendation. Why? Because the editing is brilliant. The non-linear timelines showing one character, separated in three different timelines, each a year apart? Brilliant.

I can already tell that they will push pawns on all three timelines, refusing to give up any of the secrets from the earlier timelines. Stewards of the unlocked happenings, until the very end of the show. Currently there are only three episodes released so far. But I am already starting to work on a linear timeline telling of the events that happen across the ten episodes. I’m sure that will be coming in the next few days as I’m pretty hardcore about the show at this particular moment. (But the episodes are releasing weekly… so it might be a bit of a journey to keep the timelines up to date.) Hopefully I’ll remember to circle back here and update with a link once I start the in-depth walk through for Cruel Summer. Or maybe I’ll wait to post it until I’m done. We’ll see. Who knows. Life is hectic.

If you are a fan of movies told all out of order, and crazy like, like this – my best recommendation for you would be Shimmer Lake. Shimmer Lake is actually told backwards if I remember correctly, and it holds the mystery perfectly, all the way to the end… or the beginning. Whichever.

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