THiNC. Movie Spotlight #30

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 30 – WAAHHT? Thirty Spotlights? This was a lark. A silly idea to bring some of the great recommendations out from the discord chat conversations out to the site. But I guess it’s been working pretty well. If you are curious what movies I consider most seriously for watching, unpacking, and writing, they usually come from this list. For example, I’m currently doing a write up on a movie I brought you in Spotlight 29 or 28? “Preparations To Be Together For An Unknown Period of Time,” which I really enjoyed. So if you are looking for films to immerse yourself in, you’d do well to start right here. Let’s do it, shall we?

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 30 - a recommendation of movies from the THiNC. approved list that you probably missed out on the first time around.

Reminiscence – 2021 – Due out on the twentieth. This one is going to be line up worthy. Sleep over night, in a parking lot, get interviewed by local radio stations-worthy. (Yes, that’s a reference to my numerous lineups for StarWars.) Nick Bannister is an investigator of the mind. He assists his clients in searching out their lost memories. But when he takes on a client named Mae, he becomes obsessed with this new client. He wants to find the truth behind the truth regarding the woman’s disappearance and uncovers a violent conspiracy. Looks like Inception meets Tenet meets The Prestige. And it is a world created by Lisa Joy (sister-in-law to Christopher Nolan).

Night House – 2021 – In theaters right now. Beth, a schoolteacher whose husband of 14 years just recently committed suicide. Totally shocked at this new foisted reality in her life, I mean, as far as she knew, she was the one that suffered from depression in their relationship. Well, come to find out, her husband might have been involved in some sort of occultist thing, and there even have been women involved that look just like her? Night House might not be Reminiscence quality – but it could still be worth a watch, for free, on Netflix… or the Library. Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Quicksand – 2021 – Watch it now on Netflix, this Swedish series is based on a novel of the same title, published in 2016. The novel was extraordinarily popular in Europe and won the Crime Novel of the Year that year. The story is a courtroom drama that tells the story and plight of the defendant, Maria Norberg. Check out the show and let us know if it’s worth it’s weight. Thanks for the tip Chris.

Dirty John – 2019 – Netflix series – the first season tells the story about a romance with John Meehan spiraled into manipulations, denials, and secrets for an entire family. The show is based on the podcast, which I enjoyed very much, but I have not watched the show yet. Watch it right here, and let us know what you think. Thanks for the tip Lisa.

The Gut Movie – 2020 – a riveting documentary about medicine, your intestines, and your poo. I kid you not. This one comes to us from Nancy! Thanks Nancy!! Watch this one online right now. The Gut movie watches as researcher, Kale Brock, quests to figure out if the optimal microbiome exists. He wanders the planet from Australia to Africa as he tries to untangle this riddle. Along the way, Brock watches his own microbiome and inspects its changes as it realigns with its surroundings. Actually sounds pretty fascinating. Almost like something Reply All would do. (She didn’t recommend this movie. Crap! (Hahah see, what I did there. Apparently Nancy recommended this one instead. Demmmit.)

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #30. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

Edited by: CY