THiNC. Movie Spotlight #31

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 31 – the part of the show where I bring you move recommendations galore, and you ungrateful wretches watch them all, and don’t even say one thank you. GAH!

First though, before we go any further! I got this image in my inbox from one of my favorite readers of all time – a glorious individual who has been supporting THiNC. for years and years. They won’t be named, but I will say that I loved this so much I figured you’d all want to see it too. They told me they love THiNC. so much they got a personalized license plate even! hahaha. Why didn’t I think of this?? Gah. Reader? You will be heralded here on for years and years to come.

OK, so maybe they just saw the license driving around the city randomly. Whatever. BUT JUST THINC!? You guys, who LOVE THiNC so much that you get your license plates in my honor. (OK, so maybe THINK was taken. But whatever. This is spiraling.) Let’s get to some movie suggestions, I’m making myself really angry all of a sudden.

Memoria – 2021 – Figure trailers will be more helpful than images. You are welcome. Memoria stars Tilda Swinton, in this crazy looking mindjob of a film. 1 Scottish woman… an orchid farmer actually… who, heads to Bogota Colombia. Wherein she befriends a local musician and French archaeologist in charge of watching a century-long construction project. The construction of what? (WHAT COULD POSSIBLY TAKE A HUNDRED YEARS TO BUILD??) It’s a tunneling project through the Andes mountain range. (Look, I’ve crossed over the Andes once… actually twice, had to come back didn’t I? And the Andes are nothing to mess with, and it appears that humanity is attempting to mess with them. And she’s not having it.) Each night, our Scottish orchid farmer hears louder and louder bangs which is beginning to keep her from sleeping. This movie is going to rock. CY, thanks for this recommendation! Can’t wait. Oh, yeah, that’s right… I cannot get any sort of idea as to when this will drop.

<dramatic aside> I should create an app… wherein, said app, allows one to enter the pertinent details about a film. Then, said app, just polls and polls the interwebs, hunting and searching for any sign of a digital release for a film. Prime, Google Play, BBC, Torrent, what have you… and when it finds it, it hails the user with great pomp and circumstance. Now, this would be a worth while internet startup. </dramatic aside>

Riders of Justice – 2021 – We here at THiNC… you know, the THiNC. of the license plates, and the enormous fanbase across the planet… have always been a fan of Mads Mikkelsen. Always. Markus, a deployed military man, has to go home to his teenage daughter, Mathilde, when his wife dies in a tragic train accident. It seems to be plain bad luck – but it turns out that it might have been a carefully orchestrated assassination, which his wife ended up being a random casualty of. You can watch Riders here, here, or here.

Escape from Mogadishu – 2021 – is a South Korean film that heralds an amazing true story. Diplomats from the North and South Korean embassies in Somalia attempt a daring joint escape from Mogadishu when the outbreak of civil war leaves them stranded. (I had coworkers trapped in the middle of this chaos… and hearing their harrowing stories were just amazing. I can’t wait to watch this one. Looks really unbelievable.) Should be available very soon. Keep an eye out (and use that cool app I designed earlier in this post. I’m sure it’ll let you know… cough.)

Demonic – 2021 – Neill Blomkamp. And Nancy. Two names you should know. First, Neill, you should know from the epic film District 9. (Just pay no attention to his Elysium or Chappie… This is going to be his re-break out hit. Promise.) And second, Nancy… she’s the one that brought this one to my attention over on the Discord chat server. This is Blomkamp’s return to the indie world (and his first foray into full-on supernatural horror), and will definitely be his return to quality film land. The above trailer seems to showcase virtual reality interrogations of killer moms and an army of gun and Bible-wielding exorcists, looks hopping. Cannot wait. This one drops August 20. Nine days. Put it in the app. It’ll remind you. For sure.

The Swarm – 2021 – I just hit stop on this one… and I PROMISE YOU I’ll be talking about this one in the next couple days. Let’s just say that The Swarm is a French mindjob that will break your brain coming and going. I had so much fun with this one. First, it starts with Suliane Brahim, the French actress that blew my mind in Black Spot. She’s really reason enough to watch this one. But, it also comes with a story to die for. (ahhahahaha.) She is a struggling single mom. And what is she doing to raise her kids? She’s raising locust. For locust flour. (That really is a thing apparently.) But her locust aren’t growing and breeding until she starts feeding them blood… hers. Such a crazy good movie. Loved it. Watch The Swarm on Netflix. Think Lisa brought us this one? Thanks Lisa.

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #31. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

Edited by: CY