THiNC. Movie Spotlight #37

THiNC. Movie Spotlight #37 – I’m super excited about today’s films. Why? Because it’s going to frustrate the heck out of many of you. There are a couple movies in here that are so good (three to be exact) but are also only available internationally and don’t have streaming happening here in the United States. The fix for most of these problems is just a VPN service, which, you could order right here. But I get it. $2 is a lot. COUGH. And a few of these other movies are just delightfully obscure. Which, I love. So, buckle up… and don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand all the way through this spotlight… and if you need a bag to breathe into along the way, just yell, I got you. Regardless, thanks so much for supporting THiNC. as we bring you new watch candidates week after week.

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The War Below – I absolutely adore war histories. The more obscure the better. And I literally just finished watching this amazing story about how a group of miners during World War I, were recruited to tunnel underneath no man’s land. Why? Oh, I don’t know, maybe to set off the single largest, non-nuclear explosion of all time. That’s all. Their goal is to break the deadly stalemate at the Battle of Messines. You have to watch this film to really understand what was accomplished here. But like I said, I’m an uber history geek so maybe it will work better for me than you… also, my having lived in the UK for over a year helped me understand the thick dialog and turns of phrase our crazy British counterparts tend to use.

Here’s the glitch. I love finding movies unavailable here in the United States. Available now only in England. But watching is easy:

1. sign up for PureVPN 2. Head to Rakuten in the UK, or UK Youtube 3. and hit rent.

The Alpines – Amazon, Vudu Personally loved this one so much, I went and found the Writer and director. It was a great ride. The Alpines tells the story of seven friends meeting at a cabin following a hiatus in their friendships after the past few years. What separated them, what is drawing them back together again? And what is really haunting them after all these years?

In the Same Breath – available on HBO – “When the government is telling us where to look, they’re also telling us where not to look.” Nanfu Wang’s In The Same Breath, which illustrates the devastating toll from widespread misinformation in the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic. I believe Covid just became the most deadly pandemic in the United States’ history… and I just find this slowly unfolding tragedy fascinating at every level. Please do not bring your Covid-anti-vaxxing self to my comment section. I swear to all that is good and holy, I will delete that comment so fast it’ll make your head spin. Zero tolerance.

The Pink Cloud – Available only in Brazil via TeleCine. Sorry. Maybe keep this one on your watch list for when it comes state side. The premise is cool though… the entire world faces a frightening phenomenon: a deadly pink cloud has taken over the entire planet. The situation causes people to be forced to lock themselves at home. Trapped in an apartment next to Yago, Giovana struggles to adapt to the new reality. By the way, this film was created prior to Covid, but seems like it is a commentary on the Covid global pandemic. (Does the movie presume that all houses are air tight?!? Mine isn’t, that’s for sure. Huh.)

We Need to Do Something AppleTV, and all the places where streaming happens – Seeking shelter from a storm, a family finds themselves trapped for days with no sign of rescue and untold evils lurking just beyond the walls in this wildly fun house-of-horrors thrill ride. Thanks Nancy for the tip on this one!! Looks great.

Alpha Gateway – Every week I try to bring you one THiNC. film that you might have missed when I brought it to you originally. Alpha Gateway is a mind-jobby, alternate universes sort of chaotic run that we had a lot of fun with. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out, it’s worth your time.


Added challenge level bonus? I swear I’m not trying to only give you films that are unavailable here in the United States. But if you are wanting another international challenge, and another crazy film? Get The Hell Out is only available on Korean Youtube, or Watcha. Korean zombie flick. Looks like a wild romp.

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #37. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

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