Classic Western Old Henry Movie Recommendation

Classic Western Old Henry Movie Recommendation
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Classic Western Old Henry Movie Recommendation. Currently in the theaters, but hopefully soon will be hitting digital platforms everywhere. First, a shout out to Justin for the tip off on this one. I had been mooning over the Oscar prospects for Power of the Dog, and he told me I needed to cut out my hollering and check out Old Henry. Now, I will say, I still think Cumberbatch will win a best actor his role as Phil in The Power of the Dog… but that is mainly because everyone loves Cumberbatch… but he only has a cart full of nominations, and The Academy is itching to find him in a role that is worth an Oscar. And if The Power of the Dog isn’t that role, I don’t know what is. But Old Henry is more of a western’s Western. It has a fun story, a fantastic trick or two up its sleeve… and its got a fairly modern shootout or two to it. It’s a fun ride. Thanks again Justin!

Now, some are going to find this movie too standard a Western movie. And to those of you that are thinking this, and you are a mood for a non-standard Western – maybe you should consider Hostiles? And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, and you want something cut from entirely different cloth?? Then try out the Power of the Dog. And if THAT does nothing for you, then maybe the Wind? And if that doesn’t work? Then The Wanting Mare would be the movie I’d recommend next… it’s like a mind map of movies with horses?? hahaha. But regardless, I enjoyed Old Henry. Just had a really good time with it.

Non-spoiler Talking Points

The story of Old Henry is an unassuming film on the outset. It’s set in the Oklahoma territory at the opening of the 20th century. A widowed farmer, Henry, and his son, Wyatt, live in a tucked away farm minding their own business. Henry is doing his very best to earn an honest living, but his son does nothing but hate him for it. It’s obvious Henry is hellbent on protecting his son and avoiding anything that would run counter to his quiet pastoral life. Then, one day, Henry finds a wandering horse that has blood on the saddle. Eventually Henry discovers a man who is all but dead… and a satchel full of cash. Now, here is the question. Does he take it? Does he help the man? Does he leave them all and go his own separate way? Well, obviously, along with the money, the near dead man, and the blood, comes three men hot on the money’s heels.

Classic Western Old Henry Movie Recommendation  - a standard Western with a really great surprise to it, and some great action.

Thoughts on Old Henry

I’m going to not give the spoiler away here, just because there isn’t much unpacking, theorizing, or moralizing with this story. I mean, I did really enjoy the fact that this anonymous farmer is working so hard to protect his son after the death of his wife. He might as well be slapping the kid around for spending too much time on the X-box. We watch as the duo struggle over chores. Struggle over Wyatt’s learning how to shoot. Struggle over and over again about teaching Wyatt how to listen to his father. And at the outset of the movie none of it really matters. Wyatt doesn’t listen, and we chalk it up to teens struggling to grow up and become independent. But soon the stakes become life and death. Wyatt has to make decisions to listen to his father not just because it’s the right thing to do… but also because it will ultimately keep the kid alive. I found this aspect of this otherwise standard Western really intriguing.

But I’m more interested in what you think of it… did you watch Old Henry? And what did you think of it if you did?

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