THiNC. Movie Spotlight #72 – My Top 10 Favorite THiNC. Films

Last week, we started the list of my top ten THiNC. films. #10 was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, #09 was American Beauty, #08 was Ex Machina, #07 was The One I Love, and #06 was Remainder. Saddest thing? I seriously considered throwing several of last weeks list up into the top five – but the top five list is so good, I couldn’t seriously do it and live with myself. This is a really fantastic top five, if I do say so myself. Objectively. Sure, they may not be your top five… but if you are considering movies that force you to think… pole axe you into it… then these movies have to be on your list somewhere. Alright… let’s do it! But first! Did anyone guess the #1 film I’d pick? There’s a $50 Starbucks gift card on the line!!

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#05 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is magical. It’s complicated. It’s like nothing ever put on celluloid before. It’s a story about parallel universes, or time travel, depending on who you ask. It has a bunny rabbit in it… and it is the least bunny rabbit bunny rabbit to ever exist. And it’s one of those movies that could accidentally create spin off religions and religious wars, and fractured rituals of spiritual chaos… all because of a single 100-minute movie.

#04 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Starfish

Starfish has been the belle of the ball for me here at THiNC. for the past two years or so. A movie about grief and extra-terrestrial global war? It’s kind of unclear what it might actually be about. You will need to watch this one if you haven’t, and tell me what you think of it. But even though it’s slipped from #1 to #4, it’s still one of my favorite movies I’ve reviewed here on the site for all time.

#03 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – The Prestige

The Prestige is possibly the greatest film of all time. Full stop. Let that sink in for a second. Also, the Tesla machine never worked… Wait, what? Regardless, the film has glorious acting. Glorious mind-jobness. Fantastic effects. Fantastic story. Just no other movie out there that is THiNC. worthy can compete with this one. Well, save for the next two that is.

#02 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – On Body and Soul

On Body and Soul just blew me away this past year. A movie that is presumably about synchronized dreaming… yes? Or maybe no? Or maybe it’s about an abattoir-based love story? Or maybe not? It’s a movie about connection and loneliness. It’s a glorious movie. I just can’t say enough great things about this one.

#01 – Taylor’s Favorite THiNC. Film – Upstream Color

I’ve given Shane Carruth a LOT of crap about his run-ins with Amy Seimetz. But even so, I recently watched this one, and was just blow away, all over again, with just what a poignantly fresh, and glorious movie this is. Sad, really, that Shane can’t figure out how to get us another film (cough – A Modern Ocean – COUGH). But man, even if this is the totality of his oeuvre, Primer and Upstream Color, we are lucky. This is one gloriously good movie. Top of my mindjob THiNC. movie lists right now anyway.

And with that, we have our current, Top 10 THiNC. films that you all need to make certain that you’ve seen. Trust me on this one. I have a money back guarantee out for all of these movies*.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

Virus-32 – April 21st (Argentina)
Our Father – Netflix
The Staircase – May 4th
The Twin – May 6th
Operation Mincemeat – May 11th
The Essex Serpeant – May 13th
The Ipcress File – May 19th
Men – May 20
The Stars at Noon – May
Crimes of the Future – June
Clark – June – Netflix
Nope – July 22nd
The Gray Man – July 22nd
Bullet Train – July 29th
Spin Me Round – ????
Zone of Interest – ????
Glimpse – 2022???

There you have it. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

*Look, I am literally not going to pay for your Netflix Subscription if you watch one of these and don’t like it. I’m not paying if you find one of these films in the theater and hate it. But I will let you know you are insane for having hated it… so there is that. A free belittling and abuse-filled rant sessions. So there’s that going for you.

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