THiNC. Movie Spotlight #82

Last week we had some fun movies… Emily the Criminal, Fire of Love, and Collide, all of which are out now and available I do believe? At least in the theater anyway. Emily is in theaters. Collide is streaming. And Fire of Love is like… a big black hole in my heart. If anyone can find that one for me, I’d consider it a personal favor. International streaming? Theaters in the mountain region. Anything. And this week we got a couple more movies you might find interesting.

When I Consume You – 8.16

Alright. Look. I’ve been waiting to talk to you about this movie for almost a year. I social engineered my way into the premiere, I was determined. And now, like – right now, it’s available to stream. After the film festival premiere, I managed to finally nab an interview with the ever elusive Perry Blacksheer, and you can read that (pretty much spoiler free?) interview right here. Can’t tell you how stoked I am that another Blacksheer film is released and in the wild.

I Love My Dad – 8.5

I love Patton Oswalt. He’s a brilliant follow on Twitter, and I’ve been following him since long before his true crime podcasting wife past away. Look if this description doesn’t sell you – steer well clear mainly because it sounds like this comedy occasionally goes way too far! hahah. “While putting his life back together following a suicide attempt, an unstable young man named Franklin (James Morosini) meets a girl online who starts to make him feel better. Her name is Becca, she’s way prettier than he thinks he deserves, and she seems really interested in him. How or why this person chose Franklin, out of all the incels on Facebook, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Life seems to be looking up, and yet Franklin’s would do well to be a smidge skeptical. Because he is being catfished. By his father.”

Rogue Agent – 8.12

Rogue agent tells the real life story that was based on the article “Chasing Agent Freegard” by Michael Bronner. Tells the story of an MI5 agent that seems to have stories within stories. Realities within realities. Is he a con man? Or a agent that is a con man? Or a con man that is an agent that is a … who knows. But this movie details itself with the search to find out the real story behind Freegard.

Spin Me Round – 7.19

Last week – we had Aubrey Plaza in Emily the Criminal, and this week, Aubrey Plaza in Spin Me Round. Is this a comedy? A thriller? A comedy thriller, horror? I don’t know, but I’m here for it. Can’t wait. This looks funny if nothing else. We shall see.

The Princess – 8.13

Similar to the documentary I couldn’t stop raving about entitled Gladbeck the Hostage Crisis that was only told through archival footage – The Princess also has no narrator. Has no narrative or deeper agenda. It only tells the story of Diana through captured video of the time.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

2022.08.26 BREAKING
2022.08.31 3,000 YEARS OF LONGING
2022.09.09 BARBARIAN
2022.09.15 RUBIKON
2022.09.16 SPEAK NO EVIL
2022.09.21 ANDOR
2022.09.30 SMILE
2022.11.05 THE MENU
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