THiNC. Movie Spotlight #84


In “Barbarian,” a young woman traveling to Detroit for a job interview books a rental home. But when she arrives late at night, she discovers that the house is double-booked, and a strange man is already staying there. Against her better judgement, she decides to spend the evening, but soon discovers that there’s a lot more to fear than just an unexpected house guest.

Paris, 13th District

This film watches as Audiard grapples with the totally messy lives of Millennials who pursue casual sex, drugs, and dating online… all while worrying about being able to afford a place to live. It’s apparently really sloppy, funny, and very charming. Is it THiNC. worthy? Dunno. But does it look in the league of Before Sunrise? Or I don’t know what else it sounds like… maybe Transit? (If you haven’t seen that, woah… check it out.)

Murina – theaters now

Murina looks absolutely gripping. I’m dying to watch this one. Murina is a Croatian film that…

Wait, STOP, WHY ARE YOU SCROLLING? Because I said it was Croatian? I mean, really? Come on! Anyway, trust me on this one, it looks electrifying. Apparently it’s a slow burn that is set in the Adriatic, and tells the story of a teenager and her father who live their lives spearfishing. (Sort of reminds me of Big Blue maybe?) It’s all about Julija’s yearning to escape her father’s influence. And then a businessman comes… and maybe this will be her escape? It’s apparently a constant, keep-you-guessing, sort of movie.

Mad God – streaming now

Phil Tippett is a master of visual effects and stop-motion animation who’s worked on some of the most memorable genre films of all time, including the original Star Wars films, Robocop, and Jurassic Park. Since 1990, he’s also been developing an independent horror feature called Mad God, created in fits and starts over the years as he raised money on Kickstarter and filmed sequences in between Hollywood gigs. Apparently it is an apocalyptic mind-trip. Gas mask mind God falls into a world of babbling monsters, and weird freaky creations that spring full-cloth from Tippett’s twisted mind.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

2022.09.15 RUBIKON
2022.09.16 SPEAK NO EVIL
2022.09.21 ANDOR
2022.09.30 SMILE
2022.11.05 THE MENU
Unknown LOLA

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