Random Post on the Glory of Queuing

Random Post on the Glory of Queuing. I have like three write-ups to do on some really controversially glorious movies. But here I am. Writing about queuing? Wait, what? Yeah, I don’t know either.

But, I will say this. Waiting in line is some of the greatest fun I have ever had in my life. I’ve mentioned this specifically wrt multi-day long line waiting to watch Star Wars before all the ticket purchasing went on line. Back in the day for the prequels, and the re-releases of Star Wars, you had to queue for your ticket, then you had to queue again to get a decent seat. TWO queues for one movie. But they were filled with free pizzas from radio stations hoping you’d mention them during your various interviews. Etc. It’s where I first discovered the game, Crimes Against Humanity. I mean, my life is irreparably better as a result! I would have lost so much to not have waited in those lines. Now? Zero. And while, normally, that is my vote… but I will say that something was lost in that societal optimization.

But movies aren’t the only thing that are queue worthy:

To understand this line, is really difficult. Apparently the line of people is now visible from space. A mass of humanity, in line for 13 hours or more, sharing food, meeting, talking, exchanging contact information. It’s one of the greatest experiences that you can possibly have in my opinion. I mean, look at the beast of this line:

The scope and scale of this thing has to be walked to really be understood. I do have a little experience with this line… or a similar one. My wife and I found ourselves in London when the Queen Mother passed away… and on a lark, we walked over, and jumped in line, not knowing what we were in for. I just thought it would be something cool to do. (Reminiscent of the time I was in London in 1993 and randomly got in line to walk through Buckingham Palace after the fire in Windsor Castle, to raise funds for the restoration. Normally, commoners aren’t allowed in, but here I was… stupidly wandering through the palace!)

For us, it was this exact same line, walking past the Palace of Westminster (You know – Big Ben, and Parliament, right?) then, crossing over the Thames, then back up and into the back door, and then suddenly into the enormity of Westminster Hall. But we started in this line, somewhere around the Waterloo Bridge. But look at this thing! Three or four times the length! Would I join a queue like this? DEFINITELY! And I’m not even a monarchist! I’m just there for the experience of the people, the shared experience, the enormity of it. Practically, this line is a pain because it is constantly moving. Normally with a movie line, you can set up a tent, or a sleeping bag, and you can set up a board game, etc. But in this line, it forces you to meet those around you. It forces you to talk, to reach out to others. To share. To talk, to learn about those nearby… because there is literally nothing else to do. And with a world that is drawing in, becoming more insular, there is literally nothing better in the world.

Now, I’m certain that some of you reading this are thinking this is the definition of insanity. My views on queuing. Yup. I get that. I choose to work in an office today, hell, I pay a lot to share office space with others… like out of my own pocket! hahah. So, yes. I am insane. I get that. But I will posit, that you are missing out in the forced rubbing of shoulders with others. But it doesn’t require an 8-hour wait in a line to meet the people around you. It might just take a bit of pluckiness on your part.

So hear hear to random encounters. Hear hear to learning about the people around you!

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