THiNC. Movie Spotlight #89

All Quiet On the Western Front – Theaters Now Netflix 10/28

The Great War is a tricky field to harvest. Unless, UNLESS! Your goal is to just show man’s inhumanity to man, and then? Then, you have a gold mine on your hands. Content galore that will scream this story from the roof tops for as long and as loudly as you’d like to proclaim it. 1917 excelled in the technical crafts of movie making but fell short of the movie making. At least in my estimation of things. But All Quiet on the Western Front looks like magic. Could be the best movie of the year depending on whether they are able to really crack that nut or not.


In Bruges – possibly one of the greatest movies ever made, says me. Feel free to challenge me on this point… pointlessly, I might add. But just a gloriously fantastic movie. And now Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are back together again, and I’ll watch them read the weather together, literally do not care at this point. Just give us the movie already.


Just watch it. Jeff Marr, a reader here, recommended it on the recommendation widget (at the bottom of this screen, red tab thing) and I hated it. THEN I LOVED IT! I’ll be doing a walk through of it as soon as my work life chaos settles a little. Trust me on this one. But you have to get to the end to tell me how terrible a human I am for recommending you waste your day on it.

Rosaline – Now on Hulu

Look. I’ll do anything that is even tangentially related to Shakespeare. 10 Things I Hate About You? Hamlet (via Ethan Hawke). Whatever. Just send it my way pronto. And this looks really funny in vein of 10 Things. So yes, I’m morally obligated to throw it your way. You are welcome.

Coming Soon – Watch List:

2022.10.20 PEREPHERAL
2022.10.26 THE GOOD NURSE
2022.11.04 NEXT EXIT
2022.11.05 THE MENU
2022.11.22 BONES AND ALL
2022.11.23 NANNY
2022.12.07 THE WONDER
Unknown LOLA

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