THiNC. Movie Spotlight #99

Getting really close to Spotlight Number 100! We should do something BIG for #100. Hrmmm. Thinking. I will be doing an interview with Omar Leyva in the next week or so after the release of Bardo, Alejandro G. Iñárritu latest film, so maybe we’ll run that in Spotlight 100?. Or maybe we’ll do a give away, a car! Or maybe just like a Patreon subscription give away?!? hahaha! We shall see. Or maybe? We’ll just post about upcoming movies.

Recent Spotlight Highlights:

Bardo – WOAH. What just melted my brain? Oh, Bardo did. Review on its way.
The Banshees of Inishiren – Glorious movie… maybe the best movie of the year. Review here.
The Devil’s Hour – Great British TV, grabbed me. Low budget indie goodness. Review here.
The Wonder – THAT OPENING! Loved it loved it loved it – review here.
The Menu – Holy COW that was a tasty burger. Read my review here.
1899 – Amazeballs – man, I have to write this one up!
The Empire of Light – Hearing nothing but amazing things about this one.

White Noise – 12.30.2022

Sort of reminds me of Super 8? Has that kind of retro-E.T. without the E.T. vibe going for it? I’m in, but I don’t have any sort of idea what I’m in for. (Haven’t watched the trailer – try to avoid them for movies I know I’m going to watch.)

SPIRITED – Theaters Now

I bypassed Spirited when it releasing because… it looks stupid. Sorry. But it really does. And Will and Ryan both have a penchant for wiping out regularly. So. Nope… I passed. But my wife got us tickets yesterday and it was a laugh riot. A more complicated, multi-threaded – storyline, than your average Christmas movie (come on, admit it, generally they are pretty inane.).

THE PALE BLUE EYE – 1.06.2023

So… last week, I posted about The Pale Blue Eye thinking that it released on Netflix on the 23rd, but apparently, I was confused. And because of that, I’m posting it again because it actually releases on the 6th. Here’s what I said about it last week: “If this doesn’t look like a Prestige knock off, I literally don’t know what does: ‘Veteran detective Augustus Landor investigates a series of grisly murders with the help of a young cadet who will eventually go on to become the world-famous author Edgar Allan Poe.” This looks gloriously good. Christian Bale will always be winning.’


I stumbled on this one quite by accident. And thought it good for what it was. I had never heard of this tragedy before… so I went in completely blind, and so should you.

Coming Soon – Watch List:
2023.01.13 PLANE
2023.01.22 ALICE, DARLING
2023.01.23 THE PRICE WE PAY
2023.01.27 DISTANT
2023.01.27 YOU PEOPLE
Unknown LOLA

There you have it. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

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