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Sharper – 2.10.23

Benjamin Caron (Andor director) pulls Julianne Moore, John Lithgow, Sebastian Stan, etc., together in order to tell the story of a Manhattan con artist who takes on a mark that is possibly way too big. Is this a modern day Sting? Dunno, but it seems interesting. In theaters 2.10, streaming 2.17, I do believe. And heck, this is from A24, so, yeah, pretty much guaranteed money in the bank.

Knock at the Cabin – 02.03.23

I’ve already posted about this one… which you can read about here. But I don’t think Knock at the Cabin has been highlighted here on the Spotlight yet. I enjoyed the movie – though I liked the book, Cabin at the End of the World even better. Worth a watch, and was WAY better than M. Night’s last movie, Old. Way better.

Irreversible: Straight Cut – 2.10.23

Irreversible is one of this mind job movies that might unmoor you if you weren’t bolted down before heading into the theaters. Very similar to Memento in that it’s told backwards and as the movie ends it reveals a secret that is only told in retrospect as you see what it all means. But now? On Feb 10th, the forward version of the movie is going to be released. (Didn’t Nolan release a forward version of Memento with the DVD, but you had to know the code on the DVD to get it to open up? Or is this a myth now? No! I’ve watched it in the forward edit! It has to be real!) My only complaint, shouldn’t it be re-titled, Reversible??

Consecration – 2.10.23

After the suspicious death of her brother, a priest, Grace goes to the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland to find out what really happened. Once there, she uncovers murder, sacrilege, and a disturbing truth about her own past. I have no idea what we are getting into here with Consecration. Great? Awful? I really don’t know… but it looks like it has some potential anyway.

Pacification 2.10.23

On an island in French Polynesia, the Haut-Commissaire, a man with a turbulent naturalness and high diplomacy, lives between the highest echelons of politics and the lowest social stratum of his co-citizens. Conflict as a way of life will lead him to take reckless decisions against his political status.

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