Gripping Legal Films to Help Everyone Become Armchair Lawyers!

Sometimes a killer legal flick is the sort of movie you need to take the edge off. If you are in the mood for getting double jeopardized – then I’ve got the perfect list of legal thrillers for you!

Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer

Mick Haller is known as a moderately successful lawyer. He does not give up his career even after a terrible accident. He is determined to restart his career as a criminal defense lawyer. He works from the back of his Lincoln Continental Sedan car. He takes on both big and small murder cases and wins most of them. His workstation earns him the name Lincoln Lawyer. There are different law movies similar to Lincoln Lawyer. They are commendable for law students to enhance their legal knowledge. 

Gripping Legal Films to Help Everyone Become Armchair Lawyers!

Movie: 12 Angry Men

The 12 Angry Men is one of the oldest but evergreen movies about the law. A jury of 12 men is brought together by a murder case involving a teenager. They have to use reasonable doubt to agree either on acquittal or conviction. In the process, sharp disagreements arise among the jurors. They start questioning the morals and values they stand on. They bring a new light on the way justice should be determined in court. It is one of the films about lawyers that every law student should watch. 

When taking a degree in law, students require a lot of attention. The degree takes about four years to complete. Students go through intensive teaching and practical training. Part of the teaching requires a law student to write essays. The student should research certain court cases or legal issues and make an argument. In law education, a writer needs the expertise to create a winning essay. Law school students have the option to get help from expert law writers. Edubirdie offers law essay help to university students at various learning levels. The law essay writing service has experienced writers who offer help to every student. Want another variation on the movie? Try the Russian movie 12. It’s also really good.

Movie: Bridge of Spies

The movie takes the audience back to the times of the Cold War. An American lawyer is hired to defend a Soviet spy in court. He is also to facilitate an exchange of the spy with an American spy plane pilot arrested by the Soviet authority. Rudolf Abel, the Soviet spy, is supposed to be executed. The lawyer manages to convince the court to imprison him instead. His style of work gained him popularity across the region. He is hired for more complex tasks, and he manages them well. The movie is captivating from the start to the end.

Gripping Legal Films to Help Everyone Become Armchair Lawyers!

Movie: On the Basis of Sex

Minus the fact that this movie includes the infamous Armie Hammer… But we’ll let that slide for now. On the Basis of Sex focuses on the life of judge Bader Ginsburg. As a young Supreme Court Justice, she is working hard to find her voice. It is only a few years since she completed the study of law. An opportune time comes, and she takes a tax case with her husband. She wants to prove the importance of women’s rights and gender equality. The case is more important to her because it touches her husband.

Gripping Legal Films to Help Everyone Become Armchair Lawyers!

Show: Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal is one of the movies, like Lincoln Lawyer, fit for a law student. If you love courtroom drama, this is one of the top movies to watch. Olivia Lytton is a mistress to James Whitehouse. She accuses him in court about a sex scandal. James is a politician, and the scandal disintegrates his family. Prosecutor Michelle Dockery gets a chance to bring James’s career down. 

His wife, Sophie, struggles to sustain her faith in him. Both Sophie and James have to deal with issues of integrity before the public. Each episode opens an entirely new scene in the drama. It will build your knowledge of dealing with marital and relationship issues. 

Gripping Legal Films to Help Everyone Become Armchair Lawyers!

You are welcome. This is, yet another fantastic list of movies that are all guaranteed to turn you into a wonderful armchair legal expert. Promise.

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