Two Pigeons A Tale of Revenge and Unwelcome House Guests

Two Pigeons A Tale of Revenge and Unwelcome House Guests
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Two Pigeons A Tale of Revenge and Unwelcome House Guests. A fairly repulsively clever little independent idea of a film that you might find interesting. First, I gotta give a shout-out to Alexis Baird, who was kind enough to recommend this one for us all to watch. Think she didn’t want to be weirded out all by herself… she wanted us to be weirded out too? Hahah. Anyway, it was a clever recommendation – and it definitely fits the definition of a THiNC. worthy film.

If you come to Two Pigeons with your standard, Hollywood assumption of how the formula of a movie should go… I guarantee you, you’ll be disappointed. But from the standpoint of films that will make you think? Cause you to pause? This is 100% money in the bank. So, let’s get to it, shall we? 

Two Pigeons Walkthrough

The movie is framed from the perspective of two pigeons, sitting on the window sill of a well-to-do real estate agent. The pigeons chat about their lives and squabble a bit over a tasty morsel of bread just outside a modest flat in London. The owner of this peculiar abode is Hussein (played by Mim Shaikh), a seemingly suave individual who is apparently a fairly influential, and powerful, person in the housing market of London. We watch as he does his daily ablutions. Gets his tea, in just that certain way. Etc… And then, off Hussein goes – out to change the housing market. 

The Uninvited Guest: As Hussein departs for the day, an eerie calm descends upon his flat and out of the shadows slides a ghoulish figure. Meet Orlan (played by Javier Botet), an emaciated figure with an uncanny confidence that belies his frailty. Orlan is about to take center stage in Hussein’s life, and things will never be the same. What is happening here? Who is who? And why is this all happening? 

Daily Violations: Orlan’s routine mirrors Hussein’s daily life as he uses Hussein’s electric toothbrush and face towel. He even partakes in a peculiar cereal ritual, sampling a spoonful from various boxes. Book pages serve as both reading material and improvised toilet paper. Later, Hussein’s return home marks the beginning of even more bizarre series of events, including a real estate deal, a pizza order, and some unconventional evening activities.

Two Pigeons A Tale of Revenge and Unwelcome Houseguests

Nocturnal Invasion: As the evening unfolds, secrets come to light. Hussein indulges in some recreational activities, receives a call from his girlfriend, and partakes in a relaxing smoke. However, Orlan has other plans. While Hussein slumbers, Orlan takes advantage of his host’s absence, he fiddles with Hussein’s alarm clock. The resulting chaotic morning is just the beginning of Orlan’s impacts on Hussein’s life. What is going on here? That next day, Orlan’s meddling knows no bounds as he tampers with tea, schedules, and even crucial notes. All the while, two pigeons become the unlikely spectators of Orlan’s personal struggles. 

A Relationship Implodes: Hussein’s apartment becomes a battleground for domestic discord when Mel, his girlfriend, enters the scene. Tensions rise as they navigate a peculiar array of mishaps, from missed date times, a decapitated tie, to missing toiletries. With each passing day, the apartment transforms into a surreal battlefield, leaving their relationship in tatters. Why? Because Hussein can’t think of anyone else to blame for the mental chaos then Mel. 

The Descent into Madness: As Hussein grapples with the bizarre happenings in his life, Orlan continues his reign of mischief. From toenail clippings to unexpected guests, Orlan’s actions push Hussein to the brink of paranoia. Their interactions take an increasingly disturbing turn as the line between reality and delusion blurs. As the narrative hurtles toward its climax, Hussein’s world unravels. Paranoia grips him, and he takes desperate measures to secure his home. But little does he know, an uninvited guest still lurks in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to confront him.

Two Pigeons Conclusion: Two Pigeons is a tale of violations and intrusions. But ultimately, it’s one big question mark. What is happening here, and why? I didn’t like either of these men. On the one hand, you have a thoroughly selfish real estate agent that is solely focusing on himself and his career at the expense (we gather) of normal human beings. He doesn’t deserve his girlfriend, and as a result she eventually walks away. He seems to be despised at work… and eventually loses his job. But on the other hand you have Orlan. A scary, ghoul of a character… we know that he has his own motivations and purposes for being here… but what are they? And whatever they might be, can they make up for the horror he is causing? I mean, sure, let’s just assume the man was broken by losing his wife and home. Fine. But at BEST, that makes him certifiable and in desperate need of medical help. No? AT BEST. At worse? He should be in prison.

Eventually, we realize, that there is a horrible connection between these two individuals. Hussein has somehow, caused the dissolution of Orlan’s relationship with his wife… and the eventual losing of his home, which Hussein must have sold out from under him. But we only get a light sketch of the infractions here. At least I didn’t watch it closely enough to get to the bottom of the details anyway.

Even so, I still was fascinated to see where this movie was going to go. And yet, to see that ending, just made me laugh. Instead of the two guys killing each other – or some other fatal encounter that I just assumed was the only real resolution here – we get one guy stuck in a fridge he didn’t want. Huh. The end. Funny. Made me laugh anyway. But what, if anything is this movie saying? I’d go with nothing. It’s saying nothing. But if I had to pick something, I’d say… look at where personal vendettas and ignorance will take you. Just look at how horrible that look is. Don’t be these two guys, I think is the take away from this particular movie.

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