Celebrate!! Wrexham Season 2 Is Here!!

Celebrate!! Wrexham Season 2 Is Here!! That is all. That is the end of this post. But I will say that if you aren’t a British Football fan, it is okay, there is enough in this show for you to enjoy. It is the people of Wrexham, it’s the history, it’s the community… it’s also the hilarity of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, that make it a show that is 100% worth your while. But be aware, if you start with Welcome to Wrexham season 1, and continue on to Season 2, some very intense things can happen to you and your social schedule. How is that? I’ll explain after the trailer for Wrexham…

My son Ashton and I have been tricked this way before. And I should have seen it coming. We began watching Formula 1: Drive to Survive to sort of be able to wrap our minds around how F1 works year over year. How the points work, how the F1 points work, teams, individual drivers, etc., etc., etc. It was also interesting to see the team competitions, the innovations, the mechanics, and the like. We went all in and watched every episode of every season… and then we began – and here’s the kicker – we began watching every single race. We’d wake up at 4am, and we’d go all in on the whole F1 experience. (We eventually realized that the F1 league is stacked unfortunately to a couple (if not just one) of teams and is really quite boring over all… so we stopped after three years of watching.)

Then Wrexham enters the chat. So, last season, when Welcome to Wrexham dropped, I really enjoyed it. I laughed. I cried. It was extraordinarily informative as to how the layers of leagues work, and teams can get relegated, and get promoted. But it was also just interesting to see how the inner-workings of the club management happened, and how the players were chosen, you get the idea. But you’d think I would have seen what was coming next. I didn’t though. And, after season 1 of Wrexham, I found myself going all in on watching Premier League soccer week after week. I’m now a Liverpool fan, but I literally watch five or six different football games every, single, week. Nope, I didn’t see that coming.

Celebrate!! Wrexham Season 2 Is Here!!

Obviously, you aren’t me. You probably have SOME semblance of impulse control. I do not. None. Zero. You will probably just watch Welcome to Wrexham season 1 and season 2, and you will enjoy it, and never think about British Football again. That is great. Probably sane even.

Regardless, this post is just to let you know that weekly now, Welcome to Wrexham season 2 will be dropping over on Hulu. I recommend you check out season 1, see if you like it… but I have had a lot of fun falling down the rabbit hole that is British Football. Maybe you’ll go off the deep end too… but worse things could happen.

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