Announcing the Film Exploder Podcast Created by Taylor and Barry

Announcing the Film Exploder Podcast Created by Taylor and Barry!! Hey there everyone! For the past month, I have been working on creating the next extension of the world of Taylor Holmes Inc. – THiNC. I’ve been working with Barry from to create a new podcast called Film Exploder. The goal of the podcast Film Exploder is for every episode to take on one film, to tear it apart, explode it if you will, and dissect it in order to try and understand it better.

Announcing the Film Exploder Podcast Created by Taylor and Barry

Film Exploder’s first episode has just launched – 8am Eastern on Saturdays – and we will be releasing new episodes every single. We already have in the can/planned the following episodes:

Episode 1 – Men
Episode 2 – Eileen
Episode 3 – Anatomy of a Fall
Episode 4 – Dr. Sleep

And so on. If you read through these movies in this list you’ll probably get a sense as to the theme and direction of this podcast. It is all about complicated films with insidiously positioned films. Movies that could be seen as one thing, and actually be something else entirely… or maybe generally misunderstood movies. But most importantly, these are movies that are a blast to talk about.

I mean, we started with Men, by Alex Garland, of all things! Hahahaha. Talk about kicking it off with a bang. We even had a bit of an existential crisis wondering if two guys were even allowed to discuss the movie Men or not! hahah. The discussion about the discussion was crazy! Anyway – you get the idea.

If you’d do me a favor and head over to our link of streaming locations to follow Film Exploder on all the imaginable possible ways.

Also? If you want to dive even deeper, and want to support THiNC. even more? Consider signing up to become a Patreon member. If you do, I will be posting the audio episodes early over there… heck, I’ll also be posting the videos of our chats there as well. Or something. (There are other benefits to joining Patreon – the discord chat server – bespoke movie recommendations – knowledge that you are supporting AMAZ-za-ZING content!… etc. etc. etc.)

Thank you for supporting THiNC. For reading. For engaging in the comments. For tackling these movies with me. And making this such a fun ride. Hopefully you will continue with me in this journey as Barry and I leap off this cliff together! hahah.