THiNC. Movie Spotlight 152

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EDITORIAL: OK, the editorial team would like to apologize on behalf of the President of THiNC. – one, Taylor Holmes the II. He was out of line and we would like that comment about the ground, and grass? To be stricken.

TAYLOR: HEY! SOD is NOT a comment about the GRASS!

EDITORIAL: Once again, please, just strike all that from the record, we apologize… please sign up for the podcast and I’m sure we can just let this whole outburst thing go. On with the movie recommendations shall we? Great.


If this weren’t released at the beginning of the year I’d think this would be Oscar material. But the Oscars can’t hold a brilliant performance in its dimwitted head for more than 15 minutes. So, that can’t be it. But I’m glad to see Jodi Comer get a real acting role that shows off her real range. Cannot wait to watch this film.

2024.01.31 WIL – (NETFLIX)

Today is the day that Netflix releases this Belgian WW2 resistance movie about two Nazis that struggle with what to do in the face of horrific terrors that they have witnessed. And guess what? I am ALWAYS game for a World War 2 movie… better yet? I’m always game for an Internationally made WW2 movie. So, yes, please, may I have another? Releases today on the net flix.

01.26.24 – MASTERS OF THE AIR (Apple TV+)

I’ve already made my comments about this one known. I’ve enjoyed it so far. But I just mentioned I’m always game for a WW2 movie of really any stripe, shape or fashion. By the way, have you signed up for the podcast yet? YOU HAVEN’T, SOOODDDDD OFFFF!!! {Editorial} move along sir/madam… move along… nothing to see here.


Man I love me some understated – melancholia occasionally. And this looks fantastic. Been trying to find theaters close enough to go see this at my earliest convenience. And yet… there’s a showing like 9 states away? What is going on here? grrrr.

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