THiNC. Movie Spotlight 158

2024.3.08 – CABRINI (THEATERS)

Woah. I mean… not specifically interested in watching the Catholic Church sending out it’s first female… um, anything, but the pathos and seriousness of the film making in this trailer is unbelievable. I’m definitely going to be here with bells on. Cannot wait. This trailer is something else.

2024.03.15 JUNE ZERO – (THEATER)

“The film’s status as an Israeli prestige project is signaled by the involvement of the Israeli Ministry For Culture and Sport and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, among other institutions whose logos unfurl before the opening credits like a particularly long PowerPoint presentation. This suggests the film’s chief future purpose may be as an educational tool for generations at an increasing remove from this foundational episode in the nation’s evolution.” I don’t know if Variety is much of a fan of this film, but it looks fascinating to me.


Okay, so yeah, I could watch Michael Keaton read the weather after his awesomeness during the 2024 Oscars. So funny. But this looks fantastic. I’m all in for Knox Goes Away. Without a doubt.

2024.03.15 MANHUNT – (APPLE TV)

Yup. I’m here for this Lincoln assassination movie on Apple TV. Definitely. All the proverbial bells on, and the like. (Abe does sort of scare me here a little… not going to lie.)

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