THiNC. Movie Spotlight 159

Three totally different recommendations coming up this week. One, I’m going to be repenting for for years to come. One, I’m really hopeful about. And one that looks scary that I cannot wait to take it for a spin.

2024.3.21 – 3 BODY PROBLEM (NETLFIX)

I read the book, the 3 Body Problem last summer when I heard that this movie was coming. And actually, the book cooled my enthusiasm. It’s a real doctoral thesis of a read. I mean, I liked it. But, it really seemed absent any real passion or pathos. Aliens looking for a home – they are nice, what could go wrong? But the trailer for this show? Woah, that really changed my thinking on what was possible with this book. So I’ll be interested to follow along as it releases over time.

2024.3.21 ROADHOUSE (Prime)

I have watched this. And I will be talking about it with my counselor this week. I mean. Hahaha. Nothing prepared me for this movie. I mean, it is so epically, self-effacingly cheesy… and so self-aware of its own stupidity, it’s fantastic. Not only that, it makes numerous references to its western pulp heritage, that it is really just a meta discussion about 3 Amigo type entertainment. (Specifically, the western in question is “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”) Anyway, like I said… I’ll be talking to my counselor about this particular life choice in detail later this week.

2024.3.21 YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME (Shudder)

Is it just me, and my tender state after having just watched Roadhouse?? But holy crap this looks scary. “A thunderstorm brings a mysterious woman to Patrick’s isolated mobile home. As the night unfolds, secrets and realities blur. Will she be able to leave? Or is something darker keeping her there?”

Previously on Spotlight Worth Watching Right Now:
DUNE: PART 2 – Maybe the movie of the year. Unbelievable. IMAX it please.
MONOLITH – fantastic Aussie single actor closed box movie. Really fun.
ZONE OF INTEREST – Single best World War II movie? I’m still reeling.
IN SANCTUARY – closed box cat and mouse game. Really enjoyed this one.
DAMSEL – HAHAHAH, just kidding. Worst movie of the year. HATED it. GAH!

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