10 Troubling Inception Questions

Join us as we tackle 10 Inception Questions. What is Limbo? How do the dream rules work? Who dreamed each layer? And a pile more.

A List of Inception Quotes

To help us understand Inception better, I have listed out a list of inception quotes. These quotes give us insight into how Inception really works.
edge of tomorrow ending explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained - the concept is simple, but in practice it is truly complex. The Edge of Tomorrow is a time travel nightmare of nests and perpetual loops that cause one's head to explode if you think about it too long. Join us as we untangle the Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster movie and we explain the definitive unraveling of this fantastic movie.
The 7 Layers of Inception

New Inception Infographic

A really nice New Inception Infographic coming from a design competition thrown by FastCompany. Really a great new infographic!

Memento Explained

Memento Explained is an attempt at deconstructing one of the greatest movies ever. Nolan's masterpiece, Memento is confusing but can be explained.

7 Dream Layers of Inception

There are 7 Layers of Inception - promise. Are you confused about what is going on in Nolan's movie Inception? Join us as we dissect each one.

Believe in Eli?

Pardon me while I turn this apocalyptic shoot'em up into one big theological aside - but I can't help myself. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a second out to talk with those of you that think similarly as Eli about the Bible. Whether you think of yourself as a Christian or not - if you think the Bible's one main overriding message is that we should "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" you've got it all wrong.

The Prestige Explained

The Prestige is either well-crafted and intensely intelligent, or the worst movie of the third millennium. Either its terrible science fiction or absolutely brilliant drama set in a historical time and location. It is one or the other, it can't be both.