10 Troubling Inception Questions

Join us as we tackle 10 Inception Questions. What is Limbo? How do the dream rules work? Who dreamed each layer? And a pile more.

5 Best Mind Bending Movies

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The 7 Layers of Inception

New Inception Infographic

A really nice New Inception Infographic coming from a design competition thrown by FastCompany. Really a great new infographic!

Inception Totems Explanation

Join us for an Inception Totems Explanation - each totem is unique and as different as the character - but what is Cobb's totem?!? Come find out.

Memento Explained

Memento Explained is an attempt at deconstructing one of the greatest movies ever. Nolan's masterpiece, Memento is confusing but can be explained.

7 Dream Layers of Inception

There are 7 Layers of Inception - promise. Are you confused about what is going on in Nolan's movie Inception? Join us as we dissect each one.

The Prestige Explained

The Prestige is either well-crafted and intensely intelligent, or the worst movie of the third millennium. Either its terrible science fiction or absolutely brilliant drama set in a historical time and location. It is one or the other, it can't be both.