Unleash the Gorilla

I believe that the Church is losing out on millions and millions of dollars - potentially billions - every single year in licensing costs and SAAS fees. Thinking about this problem a little differently I realized that the Church has within its walls some of the most amazingly talented developers, designers and leaders in the world. Why aren't these world class developers using their talents to solve problems key strategic problems that the Church is curently paying large dollars for monthly and annually? Or better yet - why aren't these developers creating unique solutions that only the Church really fully understand? And better yet, why aren't these developers and leaders giving their time to the Church for free to help solve a problem world wide and not pillaging the bride of Christ with high usage fees and licensing costs? Right.

You Are An Expert At Something…

Too rarely do we see world-wide gambits of this sort undertaken because of the potential risk and exponential cost attributed. But I commend the guys of World Wide Open for giving it a go regardless of the outcome. It is this kind of big picture thinking that is severely lacking within the body of the Church right now. How are we globally thinking to solve world wide pandemics as Christ's Church is supposed to be doing daily?

Cutting Edge Non-Profit Development

What is keeping us from creating a non-profit company that develops and releases for free (or close to free) solutions without bias or agenda? Basically these solutions could be open-source wins for Churches trying to track relationships and giving with parishioners. Or maybe a solution for NGO's tracking and solving poverty or AIDS penetration rates within communities and impact of their efforts against this blight on society. The possibilities here are basically limitless.

Guerrilla Labs – Monetizing Donations

So I had a thought. What if the Christian Technical community came together and donated time towards a money making - for profit company whose sole purpose was to give money away? Hrmm.