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New Movie Suggestions Conversation Stuff!!

New Movie Suggestions Conversation Stuff!! - or how you guys are now empowered to tell each other about new movies we should all be checking out. Post. Comment. Converse.

Bible Experiment Philippians

Bible Experiment Ephesians- or why a book about Jews and Christ followers matters to you, literally, right now, even though you are in Starbucks trying to ignore me as best as you can.

3 Theories to Explain The Strange Ones Movie

3 Theories to Explain The Strange Ones Movie - or how a confusing jumble of scenes can amount to an abattoir. A cattle shoot of determinism heading our hero down the shoot to his destruction.

The Crucible Meets Mean Girls in New Movie Blame

The Crucible meets Mean Girls in this new movie Blame. Which is a more sophisticated vantage on The Salem Witch Trials than I thought was possible set in a modern high school. And Quinn Shephard has single handedly pulled this film across the finish line.

Netflix Movie Spectral Deciphered

Spectral Movie Is the Greatest Special Effect Demo Reel Ever - sure, it was a fun little movie abandoned to Netflix by Universal featuring a crazy different story. But really? All it was, was a showcase for WETA and what they can do.

Handicapping the 2018 Oscars

Handicapping the 2018 Oscars - or the one time in the year I bloviate into a blog posting without considering even for a second what you'll want to hear. hahah. I literally just spent 2000 words yelling at my blog. I wouldn't recommend reading it. hahaha.

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Interview with Dan Marker-Moore The Time Slice Maven

I want to time travel. This is a known fact. But in case you thought I was lacking proof, I give you this, and this, some of this, and this. Need more? But this? I actually thing these photos from Dan Marker-Moore are more time travel street cred than all the previous links combined. You wanna know why? I'm idiot, of course you want to know why, I mean, that was possibly the greatest build up to an intro ever.
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