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The Top 25 Movies on Netflix Right Now To Make You Think

The Top 25 Movies on Netflix Right Now To Make You Think - or how I give, and I give, and I give. No really, I do. LOOK AT THIS LIST! 25 epic mind job movies free for your perusal on Netflix right now. I should be your new best friend!

Bible Experiment I Timothy

Bible Experiment I Timothy - or how I can prove to you that the God of the Universe is relentlessly chasing you down. And He will not stop. And yet, He allows you to choose all on your own. But it is the most important choice of your existence.

Bible Experiment II Thessalonians

Bible Experiment I Thessalonians, or why we should be excited to live a life of sacrifice for others. Why we should be thrilled to give before receiving. Because, He is returning!

THiNC. Recommendations:

I'm still working on building this list out. Bear with me a bit as this tedious work progresses!


NASA Shuttle Challenger Documentary

NASA Shuttle Challenger Documentary - I will never forget where I was when I saw the launch. I could walk you to the room in my Middle School and point to where I was seated. Everyone who saw it live will never forget seeing the shuttle break apart just over a minute later. The result of that explosion was the killing of seven astronauts, including the first “teacher in space” – Christa McAuliffe. This 20 minute documentary revisits the tragic event – and the 2003 Columbia disaster — through interviews with key participants, and explores the forces that lead groups within large organizations to make dreadfully wrong decisions.