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Currently On Vacation

Currently On Vacation - wherein I make excuses for being woefully behind in my writing.

Handmaid’s Tale Episode 5 Explained in Detail

Handmaid's Tale Episode 5 Explained in Detail - or how Offred starts a new fertility program, watches as her friend pops a guard's head like a watermelon, and we learn key details about Luke.

Best THinc. Movies

Movies to Make You Thinc.


TRIANGLE Movie Explained and Reviewed

TRIANGLE Movie Explained and Reviewed - or how I was so annoyingly confused when I first finished this movie, but I think I've finally got it licked now.

Movie Get Out Discussed and Explained

Movie Get Out Discussed and Explained - or how this racially insightful movie went from interesting to full tilt run for your life in ninety to nothing.

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lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-b   Mindgamers - Mar 1st
lght-flght-flght-flight-bulb-halflght-b   Kong: Skull Island - Mar 10th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   Belko Experiment - Mar 17th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   The Discovery - Mar 31st
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   Life - Mar 24th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   Ghost in the Shell - Mar 31st
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-b   The Discovery - March 31st
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-b   Alien: Covenant - May 19th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   Dunkirk - July 21st
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   The Dark Tower - July 28th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-b   It - Sep 2nd
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   Blade Runner 2049 - Oct 26th
lght-flght-flght-flght-flght-f   God Particle - Oct 27th
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