Bacteria’s Communication System… No Really, its Fascinating

It’s very rare that a speaker makes me go – “Oh, my, goodness. Absolutely no way.” Well, this little talk by Bonnie Bassler had me saying this over and over and over again. I was saying it so often that it actually became more of a “Oh, No, Absolutely, Goodness, My, WAAAAY!”. Regardless, this video is 18 minutes of pure goodness every layperson should experience just to see the brilliance of the architecture that is life which permeates everything around us.

So, I went cruising the boards where this video was in full swing discussion and found a few one particularly interesting comment that made me realize that sometimes even the “enlightened” among us see the beauty of our design for what it is and wonder. Even if not always aloud.

So, let me get this straight – a squid that has light receptors on it’s back and compartments of glowing bacteria on each side surrounded by a quick shutter mechanism that resonates in the precise frequency so that it can project light matching the brightness of its surroundings, therefore hiding its shadow… I mean, I firmly believe in evolution, but it sounds like someone out there is playing Spore on our planet.

Therein lies the beauty of this chat for me. The more we learn about the scientific world around us the more I marvel at God’s insight and brilliance he orchestrated in and through everything. Thus my constant desire to learn more and more about what we are learning more and more about. I see God in everything that we discover and it helps me appreciate Him more each and every day. Anyway… watch the video and be amazed.