Random Mindblowing Science

Random Mindblowing Science

Come on!!! That is the coolest thing ever!

I looked and looked through the comments of this post trying to figure out how this guy created this alchemy. But alas, nothing. And I SOOOO wanted to do this! Like badly! I was the kid in highschool that was always lighting my Mom’s hairspray on fire. I was the kid in middle school that wanted to play tag with lit roman candles. I was a bit of a freak when it came to fire, so when I saw this I had to know how it was done!

And then I found a post talking about how this works and I jumped up and down. Want to know? hahaha. Here you go:

1. Get the water Barrel
2. put some alcohol in it
3. coat the inside with the alcohol
4. empty out the barrel with alcohol.
5. light the top of it and watch.

So it’s simple enough. just coat your jug with alcohol, empty it. And light. Brilliance. And then I was wondering exactly what kind of alcohol to use, and apparently it really really matters what kind of alcohol you do this trick with:

If you burn your house down trying these tricks, I don’t even want to know about it.