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Web2.0 Attention Your Co. DOESNT Want

So everyone is talking about Web2.0. The Gartner symposium going on right now down in Orlando is drenched in the stuff apparently. 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0. How can your company leverage viral technologies? What social media will actually help drive your business objectives and increase your connectivity with your customers or constituency? What iPhone app functionality would make me more relevant within my business space and around the world? How can I better market my services and products through word of mouth technologies?

All of these are great questions of what TO do. But what about what kind of viral communications should you NOT be apart of? How about this as the first piece of evidence to submit before the judge?

If you want to know more about the saga it continues to develop to this very day. I’ve pulled the resources together here for your viewing pleasure… because with a song as catchy as that – YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW THE STORY ENDS.

The initial in depth and detailed blog post can be read here. And yes – you guessed it, there is a sequel to the video above… which I have included here for your viewing pleasure. And it includes a TUBA. Enough said.

And I have it on good authority he’s working on a third as well. Too funny. Even funnier is that on the front page of his blog is a sponsored section for heavy duty guitar cases! Hahah. Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade. Brilliant stuff.

But ultimately… for you and your company – web2.0 is a two edged sword. There are are a million examples of Mommy Bloggers bad mouthing a product into oblivion. Of the community dog piling on vendors for bad service. Either you begin engaging your customers via social media and make lemonade or you allow your constituency to throw lemons. But whatever you do make sure you treat each and every customer with the respect they are due – or they will exact it out of your hide later… in the form of a YouTube video and a couple of blog postings.

We can all learn from this example a little about exactly what NOT to do and a little about what TO do.