Technologically Induced Ennui And Escort Solutions

Its funny how many see this news article that men are paying for female companionship while gaming and think it cute. Or funny. I think its just one more sign that the world is sadly slipping into oblivion.

Why We Absolutely Love The Idea of Apocalypse

There's something about the grand open vistas of an apocalypse. What an opening line. Reminds me of, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." But what is it about the crazy open worlds of a post apocalypse, or a dystopian world that are so very enticing?
Jesus Didn't Answer 5 Questions

Compassion On the Move

Do you work for someone you find yourself wanting to brag about? Maybe you should go look for an employer that makes you want to sing their praises. You really should. I've worked for others that I wasn't embarrassed about... but I definitely wouldn't publish the fact that I worked there. But to be able to just scream how fantastic your employer is - to be able to just scream it from the roof tops is really something.

How Many Questions Did Jesus Answer?

How Many Questions Did Jesus Answer? So many say that Jesus didn't answer questions, but he answered well over a 100 unique questions. That is a far cry more than the 3 so many say Jesus answered. Jesus answers questions and he wants to answer your questions as well.

Was Priscilla the Author of Hebrews?

Who was the author of Hebrews? No one really knows. But was Priscilla the author of Hebrews? It may have been. She was famous in the early church...

You Are Rich – Make a Difference – Sponsor a child

You Are Rich - Make a Difference - Sponsor a child - I don't normally push for action here.  But I think I'm personally done with inaction.  I've seen too much and I'm tired of being the inactive upper 10%.  Why don't you join me in turning someones life around.  You are rich after all.  You have already arrived.  Maybe you just needed that little reminder of just how lucky you are.  How lucky we all are.  And just how much you can do to impact the world for change.


I have lived my life shielded by a million different screens in hopes of never being rejected. I have conformed to the pattern of my friends, my co-workers, my society and my world. And some of that was excused or explained by the fact that I am a social entity living in a social world where compromise is required to just survive.

New Irreverent Christmas Campaign

New Irreverent Christmas CampaignMerry Christmas everyone. What are your thoughts about this new ad campaign from a controversial New Zealand church? The billboard shows the Mary holding a positive pregnanc...

The Mysteries of the Universe…

Are you interested in the mysteries of the universe? Learn what they actually are as we dig deep into the realities of the mysteries of the universe.

A Guide To the Wrath of God REVISED

So, there is this fairly clever guide that walks us all through the various things that will get one killed by God in a number of different religions. Being a devout Christian I read it and chuckled at many of the entries and the wildness of it all. And then I noticed something... It's completely and totally wrong.

Bible Experiment Zechariah

Bible Experiment Zechariah - or wherein you get to see a prophet shoot a hole in one on Mars from here on Earth. It's a spectacular shot. One that has to be seen to be believed.

Bible Experiment Habakkuk

Bible Experiment Habakkuk is another post wherein I read a book of the Bible and then talk about it for a 1,000 words and blow my mind in the process.