Bible Experiment Zechariah

Bible Experiment Zechariah - or wherein you get to see a prophet shoot a hole in one on Mars from here on Earth. It's a spectacular shot. One that has to be seen to be believed.

Bible Experiment Habakkuk

Bible Experiment Habakkuk is another post wherein I read a book of the Bible and then talk about it for a 1,000 words and blow my mind in the process.

Bible Experiment Obadiah

Bible Experiment Obadiah - wherein I take a 500 word book of the Bible with one chapter and turn it into a 2,000 word discussion on your hostility towards God. Who knew?

New Irreverent Christmas Campaign

New Irreverent Christmas CampaignMerry Christmas everyone. What are your thoughts about this new ad campaign from a controversial New Zealand church? The billboard shows the Mary holding a positive pregnanc...

Bible Experiment Daniel

Bible Experiment DanielMy Biblinomicron exercise has been running for a year or two now - and it's a simple enough an idea to understand. I read a book of the Bible, and discuss the ins and outs of it (the ...

Bible Experiment Jeremiah

As a modern society we have elevated ourselves to gods. And the one true God has a message for us all, and it came from the prophet Jeremiah.

Bible Experiment Song of Solomon

Where has the passion, emotion and dedication gone in the world today? No idea, but there could be a fix found in Song of Solomon.

The Bible Experiment Proverbs

The Bible Experiment ProverbsWherein, yadda yadda yadda I read a book of the Bible and write at least a 1,000 words about the crazy, the cool, and the interesting I find there. (Read more of them all here.)...

Technologically Induced Ennui And Escort Solutions

Its funny how many see this news article that men are paying for female companionship while gaming and think it cute. Or funny. I think its just one more sign that the world is sadly slipping into oblivion.

Bible Experiment II Samuel

I think the lesson for me here is that God blessed David in spite of his sin. But there were still enormous consequences to his sin. Family chaos. Children that were hell bent on taking David's kingdom from him. And a nation ultimately paid for his sins. The better path is to be faithful to do what God asks you to do. Yes, there is grace and forgiveness. But life is better and more full when we obey God and listen to his commands immediately.

The Bible Experiment I Samuel

So, I've been doing this thing - if you are catching us mid-stride, maybe you ought to start here instead? But reading here is fine too, whatever. Basically I am just going through every single book of the Bibl...

Ruth Bible Experiment

And Ruth's faith is rewarded a million fold. Not only is Ruth's faith rewarded for Naomi, but also for herself and how she is remembered throughout History. In Judges we talked about how King David's line came through a prostitute. And this week we see how David and Jesus' line go through a gentile's line.

See the other side homelessness campaign

Never in a million years would you let someone suffer. That's why you'd you'd consider taking a homeless youth in. Just until they'r back on their feet. People who give up their spare room come from all walks of life and don't need some kind of special training. Just a heart that's in the right place.