Enough Said

Enough Said – World’s Greatest Boss Mug

Flipping back through old blog posts and noticed this post.  I actually posted this one to completely annoy my team after they strung me out for a year before they gave me this mug.  They didn’t actually give it to me out of the kindness of their hearts… though that is what I wanted you to believe.  They actually got all kinds of love as they strung me out longer and longer before they finally capitulated and gave me the mug.

But its ok… I elaborately fake fired the guy who held it over my head as retribution.  Maybe I’ll post that video out here some day.  Maybe.  We’ll see.


I posted the punk’d story of me fake firing the guy who gave me this mug here.  I mean, isn’t that the next logical step to being given a gift?  I thought so anyway.