Finding the Best Rabbit Hutch Plans on the internet is nigh on impossible. Over the course of this blog posting I plan to convince you that these really are the Best Rabbit Hutch Plans Ever devised by man. And then, I’m going to blow your mind by offering you these plans – and a How-To Ebook that I am practically giving away. If you are hoping to build your own hutch, I guarantee you that I just saved you hours and hours of pointless searching. I know, because that’s what I did. I searched high and low looking for this page. But it didn’t exist then, and now it does.

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Best Rabbit Hutch Plan Ever – seriously

This post is so far outside what I normally post that it is stunning. Like, I am actually wondering who I am exactly as I post this. But sometimes, you do things just to better mankind. And that is what this post is – a bettering of mankind. Because right now I’m a little disappointed.

How did I get here? Well, Best Rabbit Hutch Plans Ever - ConstructionI’ll tell you. I happen to have 2 of the cutest daughters ever to grace the planet. Seriously. This is a quantifiable fact. I have data, and charts to support this argument. Really. Regardless, they were given Lion Head Rabbits for Christmas – and it threw me into a cauldron of chaos and anxiety almost immediately. On Christmas day I promised to build them a nice Rabbit Hutch that would replace the temporary one we initially presented them in. Right? So now I’m MORALLY on the hook to my daughters to build their rabbits a new home.

Obviously enough I started by running around on the interwebs looking for Rabbit Hutch Plans, designs, drawings, specs. ANYTHING. Something that will give me ideas on how to build a Rabbit Hutch that is worth a darn. Well, I can’t find anything. Nothing worth looking at anyway. You try it. Its terrible. And most links I find are actually undercover sites to try and sell you Rabbit Hutches. So I went and looked at what it would cost to buy one as opposed to building one. And for what I wanted in a hutch I would have paid somewhere around $400. Seriously. And seeing as though I haven’t landed my Internet Start Up multi-million evaluation yet, I wasn’t going to be paying any $400 for a rabbit hutch thank you very much. Not gonna happen.

So I created one from scratch.

What I have done here is – I’ve walked you through the benefits – and I have also given you the detailed architectural diagrams I used. I will also sort of detail out some of the potential problems with these plans as well as some ideas on how to change the plans to make them different depending on your own needs. So yes, this is my bettering human kind by giving something back. Now, I believe these plans are so good that I originally planned to charge a ton of money for them. But because the internet plans are just so terrible, and the options out there for you right now are so sketchy I am practically giving them away now. So, without further ado, The Best Rabbit Hutch Plans Ever – Seriously.

rabbits in best hutch everTabla Rasa
With absolutely nothing to go on, no experience with Rabbits or the unique problems involved with owning rabbits, I throw myself at the task at hand. I took a sheet of paper, a pen, and I scribbled out my first sketch of what I wanted. Several days later I probably had 50 or more sketches of ideas. I then interviewed owners of rabbits and past owners of rabbits for what they would want in a rabbit hutch if they could do it right. Then I lined my drawings up against products for sale on the market today. And 50 more drawings later I had a couple of pretty strong candidates. And then I ran them by my wife – an ex-rabbit owner herself… who completely overhauled my drawings entirely. And once we’d come to an agreement we locked the drawings down and I made my first trip to Home Depot.

Rabbit Hutch Requirements
There were a number of things I learned pretty quickly about rabbits – I’ll list a few of them here real fast. And just know that each item played into the design of this hutch.

  1. Rabbits poop. Like a lot.
  2. Rabbits chew. Tons.
  3. Rabbits need space.
  4. Rabbits need shelter from cold.
  5. Rabbits need shelter from heat.
  6. Rabbits poop… no really. A lot.

I literally took each of these items and made them into design requirements for the drawings. Now, if you just want to raise rabbits to eat… this isn’t the hutch for you – but you know that already, because you began laughing the moment you first saw the first drawing. You probably keep your rabbits in a 2 foot by 2 foot cage and call it good. But these lionheads are pets – and my daughters love them dearly… so that played into the requirements as well though not written down. So let’s break down the requirements one by one and how I handled them with the design.

Best Rabbit Hutch Plans - ConstructionRabbits Like To Poop:

This was a tricky one… and I considered it probably the longest out of all my requirements listed above. At the end of the day though I decided to leave the bottom level underneath the wire mesh open. I could have just as easily put a tray under there, but I figured I could hose under the cage just as easily. I also put a tray in between the layers that smack up against the back ramp so that any pooping or peeing up top wouldn’t translate into totally gross rabbits in the lower level moments later. Where this got really tricky was that some rabbit owners said that their rabbits never pooped or peed inside their enclosures. And others said theirs did. I couldn’t get a straight answer on this one. So when I decided to enclose an area for protection during the cold I just totally closed it in instead of leaving the bottom meshed. This proved to be a mistake. (But I’ll get into that in the things I’d change section).

Rabbits Chew:

I thought about not using wood at all in the construction – but in the end decided would be the most durable outside in the long run. So I went with it anyway – but just chose not to treat the wood at all. I also didn’t use a wood that would kill them instantaneously if chewed. And ultimately besides the overall weight of the hutch, was a great decision ultimately.

Rabbits Need Space:World's Greatest Rabbit Hutch Construction

We chose to give the girls two male lionheads for one KEY reason. I’m sure you guessed why already. But that choice came with one other problem we had to sort out. That was that males love to get after each other. Even brothers with great relationships can get ugly. Before we put them in this larger cage, or two best friends became so cantankerous with one another that we began hearing SCREAMING coming from their cage at odd times of the day. Who knew that rabbits screamed? Right. So in the building of their new hutch I decided we needed it to be significantly bigger than the space they were coming from.

The schematic I have included for download here is probably somewhere in the realm of 24 square feet of living space. Something like 6 square feet of sheltered space and 18 square feet of unsheltered space. This has been plenty big enough to stop the screaming and fighting between these two little guys. So this was a huge huge win overall and was worth the effort by itself.

Rabbits Need Shelter:

We live in colorado – which is more temperate than say Minnesota… but it still gets plenty cold in the winter. The past 2 winters we had cold snaps in the negative 20 realm for fairly extended periods. Now that isn’t normal – but I needed to make sure I didn’t inadvertently turn the lil guys into rabbit-pops if I didn’t design the hutch correctly. And it can get extraordinarily hot in the summer, sometimes in the realm of 105 or so? So the extremes are pretty in tense. And so to take this into account I built a sheltered area (double insulated even) for the winter and an open well ventilated area in the summer. I also put a nice shingle on the roof in order to give them shade and protection from the elements. Which I attached with hinges in order to make the roof open-able.

Best Hutch Ever in the SnowThings I’d Change:

There are surprisingly few things I’d change about this Rabbit Hutch. Seriously, and not just because I designed it. I was fairly surprised out how few things I thought of after the fact to change on this design. But there were a few. The first big one is weight. This hutch fully assembled is heavy. Like four young guys to move heavy. I can shimmy it here and there on my own. But if I really wanted to move it – it would take four guys. Its heavy.

Another one is that it is pretty deep. Too deep for the girls to get the rabbits out when they don’t want to come out. Normally this isn’t a problem. But it is a bit too deep. I’d probably take six inches to a foot off the depth of this hutch if that is a show stopper for you.

Also, keep in mind the width of wherever you put this thing. Think about the width of the gates or access areas nearby. For example, for me, I really don’t think this thing is going out the gate of the backyard if we move. I’ll either need to disassemble the gate or the hutch. It COULD go over the gate of course – but then you are talking about 6 to 8 guys to lift it over. That would be an epic effort. One I definitely don’t look forward to. So, if I were you, just take a look around and consider the entry ways near by and size to account for said restrictions.

Most disconcerting to me, is the fact that the rabbits DEFINITELY DO poop in their inclosure. Definitely. And actually, that is what they use it for primarily. But, in a stroke of genius, I outfoxed the little buggers by making the roof open thereby giving much better access into their “clubhouse” (as the kids call it). Which allows me to just flip open the roof, and hose out their enclosure every now and again. Very very simple.


Get the plans for $2.95



$4.95 Plans & Walkthrough 

29 Responses

  1. Robin Christiansen

    I love your design and want to build one for our bunnies that we have for our grandchildren. I downloaded your hutch plans, but there were no dimensions listed. Would you be willing to share this also?

  2. Elizabeth

    I LOVE your design. I have been searching for something suitable for my little Netherland dwarf. Right now he’s in a dog kennel with a removable poop tray but it still gets messy. Rabbits are very clean animals and setting in his poop depresses him. I have been around rabbits my entire life (I’m 29) and our bunny is an anniversary present from me to my hubby. The only thing I need now is dimensions and I can start building this weekend for my bunny. If you want the $2.99 for the full blueprint, I’ll gladly pay because, as you said there is nothing online for hutch blueprints. I did find someone in my area that will build but it’s all wire and only has a poop tray. Yuck. Plus, I can’t keep Himitshe in the house since our house is teeny tiny. Please contact me asap. I look forward to hearing from you! *thanks for your contribution to mankind. :D*

  3. taylor

    Hey there Robin & Elizabeth,
    I was going to sit down and do professional looking measurements and sizings – and will do it, but just haven’t had the time lately. (Read latest blog for more on that front). But I will give you the key. Each square = 1 inch. With that information you should be able to reverse engineer all the sizes for the entire hutch. I will add the sizes. Promise – but that should give you what you need to know.

    Good enough for now?

    • robin

      Thank you, that should help us out. My father-in-law is getting anxious to get started on this. Thank you again!!


  4. Stephanie

    Great plans! Just FYI you can get a lot of information about rabbit care at You can spay/neuter rabbits (it’s much better for their health). Because of hormones, rabbits who are not fixed can be very aggressive towards humans AND other rabbits (even if they are from the same litter and/or have been friends for a long time). Last but not least, rabbits can be litter box trained. Just wanted to share, hope I don’t sound too pushy.

  5. Taylor

    That is great info. I had heard about spaying/neutering causing such great benefits. We have two males from the same litter and were pretty terrible to each other. Once we built this hutch it got better. But I had already deciding we’d have to do something if they didn’t chill out,

    Thanks also for the link. Every resource is a good one. So thanks a bunch for passing a good link along. Kinda feels like most links in this space are all about selling something and aren’t really out to help others. So it’s appreciated. And no, it’s not being pushy. So thanks!

    And finally I had heard rabbits could be taught to be litter box trained but I haven’t seen a good primer on the topic. Got a good place to go to find out more on that specific point? Or does detail that out too? Thanks again!


  6. Stephanie

    I help out at rabbit adoptions in my area so I love to share information.
    Yes, they do deal with it so you can check it out under the care section here This website is a great resource and I still consult it all the time.

    The way I do it:
    Litter box made for a cat (about 18 inches x 14 inches)
    Double layer of newspaper
    0.5-1 inch of bedding (compressed sawdust, or paper bedding made for small animals, such as Carefresh, or anything comparable and safe)
    2 big handfuls of hay

    This really limits the smell and allows me to add hay daily. Rabbits eat mostly hay so they spend a lot of time where the hay is and eventually learn to go in one place. They will poop a little bit out the box but mostly have great habits. I’m not sure how easy it will be if they aren’t fixed, but it’s worth a try. Good luck!

  7. Gail Doffing

    Can you please tell me how to get the blue print and the cost for the awesome cage?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Taylor Holmes

    Hey Gail,
    The download button for the blueprint is at the bottom of the page. Though I SHOULD charge you for it, alas, I am not at this time charging anyone! (hehe. Aren’t I amazing? Sorry joke.) So free blueprint. Search this page for “Download Hutch Plans Now” – its at the end of the blog.

    The cost to actually build said rabbit hutch will depend on the wood you select and the guy doing it. If you force your husband to do it – labor is “free”. If you make me do it… wow are you in trouble. hahaha. But I paid around $100? in supplies? Maybe $150? I didn’t keep track. The most expensive bit by FAR was the mesh wire to enclose the cage. The roof tiles were a bit pricy too. But they aren’t a requirement. Just use plywood and replace the plywood occasionally? But you’ll eventually pay more in replacements… I would think.

    Anyway. Let me know if you have more questions.

  9. Steve S.

    I’m thinking of ordering your plans. Am I to understand that you don’t give the actual lengths/dimensions with the plans?

  10. Taylor Holmes

    All the dimensions are there now. That was an early draft of the plans. If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate!!


  11. chris tritt

    my name is chris and i read your blog about this rabbit hutch and really liked it. i have two rabbits or rather my children do and i needed something to put them in and i thought yours was the best one that i have looked at. anyway getting to the point i liked it so well i ordered you plans for it even did the extra $2 for the ones with the pics and all . well i placed the order over two weeks ago and still have not recieved my plans. this has really upset me , i know it was not much money but still i have paid to recieve something and did not get it . please email me and see if we can figure out why i have not gotten what i paid for , i would really like to build this hutch for my childrens bunnies so i can get them out of the dog cage i have them in.

    chris tritt

  12. suzy reublin

    we still havent gotten or plans either Keeping our fingures crossed Suzy

  13. Taylor

    Hey there Chris & Suzy,
    My apologies! I think a simple explanation is in order. When you purchase either plan PayPal directs you to a download page where you can get the plans immediately.

    I will send both of you the link to the plans via email in a moment. So for all future purchases – please look for the download link on the purchase complete page. I will make it more obvious as well.

    Once again, I am sorry for the misunderstanding!

  14. Ceecy Robinson

    so excited! the hutch is for my son’s 5th birthday surprise!
    I paid for the plans through paypal, but there was not a download link provided with my receipt. Will you please confirm payment and send me a link so I can download the plans?
    Thank you, Ceecy

  15. Taylor

    Hey there Christina,
    When you purchased – PayPal redirected you to a download page. I also emailed you the link, but your spam blocker told me “nice try buster!!” Hahah. Can you add [email protected] so I can email you?


  16. Ceecy Robinson

    Taylor, I received your email, it is reaching my inbox through my spam filter because I added you. I did not see a link on your email.
    Paypal did not direct me to a download page when I made the purchase. That is the reason I contacted you.
    The link is necessary for me to download the purchase, could you please re-send the link on another email?
    Thank you

  17. Ceecy Robinson

    As soon as it can get built, I will send photos of the finished product… hopefully by next week, in time for my son’s birthday!

  18. water repair lehigh acres

    Thanks for some other excellent post. The place else could anybody get that type of info in such an ideal means of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such information.

  19. Mary

    Sorry to be yet another poster asking “the same” paid for plans via paypal but no link was given for the plans. Checked Several Times without luck. Please advise. Kindest, M

  20. Taylor

    No worries at all – glad I could help! Sorry for the confusion – no idea why this is happening for some people. Sorry all. But I’m glad to hook you up if the doesn’t seem to work for you… Just Hollar.

  21. Fil Barrozo

    Hello Taylor,

    I love your rabbit hutch plans.

    Do you have instruction (plans) also on your insulated “club house” for the
    rabbit hutch? I believe you mentioned only building with 2 x 4s if you
    planned on building a “club house.”

    As a clarification, the four vertical 2 x 4s at the corners of the main frame–are
    they 60 inches tall?

    Fil Barrozo
    e-mail: [email protected]

  22. Taylor

    Hey there Fil,
    I do not have a description of how to add the clubhouse as it would mean a few significant changes to the overall plan. But for everyone else’s benefit you are referring to this quote from the build doc:

    Step 11 – In my version, I included a “clubhouse” which I then used insulation to provide a level of warmth in the winter months. But to build out a clubhouse to fit into this hutch that will use insulation requires a whole different level of effort on top of what I have shown you how to do here. But it is doable, you just need to know that you want it ahead of time.

    And then also this quote as well:

    Section One Items of Note: In the photograph I used 2×2’s instead of 2×4’s for some of the framing around the center (and also the top). That is an option as well. And the 2×2’s worked fine, but its simpler to have the added 2 inches of width when telling people I don’t know how to do this. I ran into complications because of the 2×2’s especially with the construction of the “clubhouse” which I am not including here. But it will be beneficial if you choose to build the clubhouse to go with 2×4’s. But the choice is yours.

    Yes, the four corners are still 60 inches. That is plenty of space for the clubhouse. I boxed in the clubhouse space with the 2×2’s against the main frame that you build in step one and step two. Then I placed plywood on the floor of level two on top and bottom (filling the space with insulation) – over and under the 2×2’s. Then I did the same for each wall, cutting space for a door where they can go in and out. I framed the door with 2×2’s as well, and filled the space of the walls with insulation as well. Then I put the ceiling of the clubhouse in, put insulation in, and then nailed the second ceiling into the 2×2’s. Right?

    What I would have done differently would have been to use 2×4’s to box the clubhouse in instead. So, between the side frame struts, run a 2×4 in the middle of the frame – at approximately 16 inches? But doing so means you need to move the door more to the right. Yes? (See the photo of the hutch on page six and you can see clearly why the door has to move over.) Then you need supports for the walls, and the doors. So you’d frame that in vertically at the center for each wall. Drop the insulation in and then add the other wall for each.

    But here’s a tip. Rabbits (especially dwarf rabbits) are too cute for their own good. They seem fragile. But this winter alone we have had 2 or 3 weeks with lows below -20 or -30. And highs no higher than zero. The rabbits are fine. And to be extremely honest… I don’t know if they actually use the clubhouse. They like the poop tray, where they jump to from the ramp, but I don’t think that is because of the warmth, because they hang out there in the summer as well. If I were to do it again, I would NOT build the clubhouse. But my wife, being sentimental, required it. And I consented because I didn’t know better at the time.

    But if you are intent on building it – I can maybe sketch you something that I could include in future purchased downloads. I actually just got a bee in my bonnet and have the blueprint half way created. I’ll try and get something to you later tonight.

    To anyone else – if you purchased the plans and you’d like the clubhouse blueprints, I can send those to you as well – just let me know. Thanks.


  23. Tamara

    I purchased the plans today, but Paypal did not direct me to a download….I have also not received one in my email or spam….I sent an email to you earlier today….please let me know how to obtain the plans….trying to go buy materials today!

  24. Taylor

    Hey Tamara,
    I believe you got them, correct? Also, everyone, if you purchase from an iPhone or iPad, the downloads won’t work because they don’t know what to do with them. But I am happy to email them to you so you can open them on your pc or laptop or whatever.

    Thanks again everyone for your kind words and purchases. They are appreciated.


    • Tamara

      I did get them in your email, thank you very much! I did the purchase from my desktop, but it did not take me to a download page or link. Thank you for the email with the plans, my father started building it already for my daughter, and she is so excited! Thanks…..

  25. Taylor Holmes

    Awesome – great to hear it. Would love to see pictures when you are done. We just had an Easter Egg hunt and some of the best hiding places turned out to be in the hutch! hahaha. Take care.

  26. Brian

    I bought the plans and walkthrough for the rabbit hutch and was wondering what I need to do to obtain them.




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