New Social App Let’s You Tell Your Story


Everyone Has A Story Inside Them…

Over the last several months (is four a several?  I always get that rule confused) I have been helping out with the development of an amazing new social app that will let you tell your story. Its an iPhone & Droid app called Stori.  And after spending a bit of time consulting and giving ideas on the development front I was officially asked to join the team.  It is an awesome group of guys that are pouring their hearts out into seeing this vision come to fruition.

So what the heck is this new awesome app going to be all about?  Great question!  How about a teaser video to whet your appetite.

Basically, Stori is a social media app for both iPhone and Droid that will let you tell stories as you go about your life.  A Geo-Cacheing app for the important events in your life.  And you will be able to sort these important stories into albums and share the appropriate albums with your friends or co-workers.  Better yet, Stori will let you not only follow friends, but it will also allow you to follow locations as well.  Your elementary school?  The gazebo where you just got engaged?  That amazing burger joint down the street?  All followable.  And by doing so, you will discover new stories every day.


That’s Stori in a thumbnail sketch.  But I’d love to know what you think.  Love to hear your ideas and thoughts.  Stupid?  Awesome?  Until next time…