Google Easter Egg – Atari Breakout

Google Easter Egg – Atari Breakout

I will begin and end with “you are welcome.” You’ll see.

So I just discovered a Google Easter Egg I was unaware of. Obviously there are so many Google Easter eggs out there that no one human can keep them all straight. (If you are interested in flipping through a non-comprehensive list you can do so here. Yes. An enormous and utterly daunting list.

But sometimes the Easter Eggage is so epic and so brilliant it must be broadcasted from the nearest tannoy (or P.A.) system you have handy. This particular Egg is simple to find. It takes all of two steps. Ready? Begin!

  1. Go to
  2. Type in Atari Breakout
  3. Cancel all plans for the night

Once the previously mentioned steps have been completed you will be ushered into a throwback game of Atari’s brilliant game of Breakout, but played with random image searches. I’ve included a couple images below for your review:

20130513-231155.jpg 20130513-231226.jpg

Oh – and by the way, “you are welcome”. I told you so.