Last Minute 2019 Father’s Day Geek Gift Ideas

I love doing these lists. I find it cathartic. A couple of these will help support THiNC. and will keep the servers running. But most are just fun things on my own personal wish list.

Jeremy Geddes’ Leviathan Print – $185 Aus.Jeremy Geddes is one of my favorite artists creating art today. And right now, for the next week or so, you sign up to win a spot of 300 people that can purchase his latest print. Trust me, it hurts to tell you about this one because it decreases my odds. You are welcome.
Model Animal Framed Print – $99 I bet you didn’t realize that Godzilla has been roaming the earth for hundreds of years. Here’s proof. A photo of him roaming San Francisco in 1903.
Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints – $70-$490 “Travis Durden”, the pseudonymous French artist behind these works is brilliant. Durden a scholar of antiquities, loves his Star Wars even more. Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Yoda, they are all here.
Vintage King Kong Phone Case – $28 King Kong. Right? That’s the message you want to send to your guy. No, you shake your head YES, THAT’S THE MESSAGE… cause, that’s what he WANTS you to send anyway. And that’s what Father’s Day is all about!
Star wars Prints – $17 Sensing a Star Wars theme here? You are quick! No Father’s Day can pass without heavy doses of Star Wars. At least, not in my house. Literally no idea what these prints are all about. But I love them all the same.
  Portal Messenger Bag – $79 Portal. See. I lost you already. Portal is one of your husband’s favorite games ever. The game was a pile of clever challenges you had to get yourself out of by using a portal gun to teleport from room to room. And sometimes it was so inside out confusing. Here, say this to your husband, “There is no cake.” If he smiles like a stupid adolescent you’ll know this gift is for him.
T-Rex vs. King Kong Office Battle – $91 Turn off the century monsters battling over the Brooklyn Bridge? Nothing screams Father’s Day more than that! Trust me on this one.
  Suspended Beer Bottles  – $30 I’m totally rocking this suspended beer bottle system in my garage fridge. Bottles above, bottles below…it’s epic in literally every sense of the word.
 Godzilla San Francisco Carnage – $49 – $149 What if Godzilla is the actual cause behind the San Francisco “earthquake” disaster of 1906? What if the fires, the house destruction, the chaos? All caused by Godzilla. What if. Well, I have first hand evidence right here it really happened. This. My friends…is NOT fake news.
Bottle Opener Slot Game – $22 Cracking open your favorite beer is always exciting. But what if we told you you could double your fun? This game-show inspired opener turns liberated bottle caps into pawns that plink down to prompt party antics.
Custom Song Sculpture – $100 – 400

Artist Kathleen Mordecai turns those sounds into a stunning work of art by cutting pieces of (mostly reclaimed wood) in the exact shape as a sound wave from that special tune.

Girl With The Red Balloon – $62

Banksy’s Girl With the Red Balloon is a multi-million dollar work of art. But you can own this print for pennies on the dollar. PENNIES MY FRIEND!

That is a truly solid list right there. Solid I tell you. Hope my father’s day turns out half that well! hahaha.