Thomas Kincade and Star Wars Equals Magic

Thomas Kincade and Star Wars Equals Magic

Jeff Bennett

I can’t remember where I first saw my first Starwars + Thomas Kincade mashup – but I can totally remember what my response was.  I fell over laughing.  And then, when I wiped the tears off my face I thanked my good Lord in Heaven for whoever it was that created this magical mashup.  I mean, seriously?  Thomas Kincade and Imperial Troopers?  How have we gone this long down the long history of man without this Reeses Peanut Butter mix up goodness?

So, just in case you have never seen this madness, I am here to make your life better.  And I have even created a couple of my own, because you can’t just stop this brilliance from multiplying.  I’m just saying.  And by the by, you can read Jeff Bennet’s original post that got the movement started here.  I think he and I were separated at birth… just saying.  So tell him I said hi, if you swing over there.



Star-Wars-Kinkade-Paintings-3-600x482  Star-Wars-Kinkade-Paintings-5-600x375



And here is my attempt:kincade-mine

Thanks a ton Jeff for making my life infinitely better.  You are my new current hero.  Brilliance I tell you.  Brilliance.