Happy 2014 Go All The Way

All The Way – a Charles Bukowski poem from Willem Martinot on Vimeo.

Happy 2014 Go All The Way
Absolutely love this Vimeo video extolling us to go all the way with whatever it is that inspires us. Have you stopped and thought about those things that are buried deep inside you? Those unfinished or unstarted desires that seem to be the most important thing in your heart? What about unanswered questions? Or unsaid truths that need to be spoken? Then 2014 is the year.

Let me give you a little encouragement, or maybe discouragement is the better way to put it. I just looked up my life expectancy out at the social security security actuarial tables. You can too here. And just assuming I’m average (which have its own flaws too seeing as though I have fallen off my roof, had more than my fair share of car accidents, etc) I have another 42 years of life left. (I should probably celebrate my actuarial halfway point in a year. Call it a statistical midlife party!!)

Last year I had a number of bucket list items that I was able to cross off. Traveling around the world was one. Writing a book was another. Technically, I’ve written two, you can read one of them here.

Let’s be really clear here. I am not talking about a New Years resolution. I hate resolutions because they always fail. I am talking about chasing your dream regardless of the time of year. Decide what you want to do and go do it regardless of what you think others will say. When I spent day after day writing I didn’t slow down to think about whether I’d be published (I haven’t) or even if anyone would read it (generally no one has) I only thought about seeing it happen. Realizing my dream.

You only live once, and you only have a very limited time left to do whatever it is you need to do. So go figure out your purpose. That thing you were meant to do and just go do it. Maybe you need a few clever ideas to help get it done? Here’s a pretty good list: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2013/12/5-essential-steps-to-setting-new-year.html I personally hate lists like this. Pick think if it’s worth doing you’ll just go and do it. But I’m a little weird that way. I’ve always just seen things needed to happen and I did them. I get it that I’m weird that way. But as far as list help goes, this is the best one I’ve seen in quite a while.

Well happy 2014 everyone!!! Go do that special something only you were meant to do…