Happy Birthday Me Flipbook Kit

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Happy Birthday Me Flipbook Kit

Oh my gosh. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw this originally. First, let me tell you that my birthday is coming. This is important information. Why? Because I so want one of these, and this would be a fantastic gift. Really. I mean, most friends, hem-and-haw and say, “No really its ok… you don’t need to honor my birthday in any way, whatsoever. I’m really just pond scum…” You know that particular drill. But that is not what I’m doing for you. I am coming right out and saying this. THIS. THIS is exactly what I want. And if 12 of you buy one for me, ALL THE BETTER. Apparently they even have kits that let you motorize them – and then chain them together?!? YES PLEASE! hahaha.

So, what is this image? It’s a gif. Right there. What you are looking at is a gif. Of a vine video. Of a gif. Of a Youtube video of a flipbook animating roller coaster that was originally a gif of a video. I kid you not. There is no more meta meta meta thing on the planet. This is the most meta meta you have ever experienced. Or actually this description is the most meta thing. NO! Your thinking about this description about this thing is the most meta! Brilliant. No, your thinking about BUYING me one is the most meta thing ever! hahaha.

If you would like to see what is possible with one of these fantastically brilliant kickstarter created flipbook kits, head on over to here and check the facebook page of all the possibilities. They have flipbook kit art shows and closing parties and craziness. The following video is from a flipbook art show:

Why am I so late to this brilliance? Maybe the only thing better than getting a flipbook kit for your birthday is building your own? No, definitely not.  Anyway, here is a video about the creation of the flipbook kit and the whole genesis of the kickstarter etc.  If you know any of these people, please let them know that I want to be their best friend.  In the world.  Bestest friend really.  Because I’m in love.