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A good podcast is gold in my world.  Find me a good one and you just found yourself a friend for life.  You may even find yourself in my Last Will And Testament too accidentally.  Not that I have anything worth owning.  But its the thought that counts.  I’ve discussed podcasts a bit here at THinc. but this new podcast by the NPR boys that brought us This American Life goodness and Radiolab have brought us a new podcast that may be laced with METH for how addictive it is.

The podcast is called Serial, and congratulations, you are now addicted, you just don’t know it yet.  If you haven’t heard of it yet basically the concept is simple, yet revolutionary for the podcast universe. The show is just reinvestigating the 15-years-ago murder of a high school girl, Hae Min Lee. Every week on Thursday the show reveals its discoveries. From the revelation of the person that found the body, to the friend, to the ex-boyfriend, etc. etc. Every single week I think a different person killed Hae. And I’m glued to this pod-cast like none other. And if the show doesn’t end with Adnan Syed being released from prison I plan to petition the President myself. I kid you not.

And check it out, here are the first five episodes all for your listening pleasure.  For free.  BAM!

See?  Yes, you should be getting your Wills out and adding me posthaste.

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