Airline Fail Goodness

Airline Fail Goodness – This did NOT just happen

So, the very first leg of my last flight, it was cold. Very cold. The temperature was 0 degrees Fahrenheit. We de-iced. Rolled out to the runway, and waited. Apparently there was an ignition problem. So we waited. And waited. Then we rolled back to the de-icer 2 hours later and de-iced again. Almost four hours later we took off (which made us miss our connection to Frankfurt, but enough about me and the grudge I am so obviously still carrying.)

But our problems were nothing like these guys…

The plane apparently froze to the runway? Seriously? FROZE TO THE RUNWAY. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But apparently it was negative 52 degrees Celsius? What is that in Fahrenheit? I don’t even know. Woah, -64? That’s cold. And apparently its cold enough to freeze rubber to the ground. Who knew? But what’s funniest is that everyone jumped out and pushed the plane until it snapped free?! hahaha. That is awesomeness.